Toronto - Denver trade

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Toronto - Denver trade

Iggy in sign and trade with Andre Miller to Toronto for the promise kid Ross, a first pick next year(lottery protected), Fields, and the expiring contracts of Kleiza, Gray, Lucas... What do you think? Denver going in the path of like semi rebulding mode, getting more younger, letting the youngers a lot playing time and much more room to grow and maybe next year to make a bigger push and add some great player... Toronto go all in to try to make some noise in the east after a lot weak seasons for the fans, getting one of the best defensive players in the league and a great wing, valuable back up PG if he's not done. roster before more moves: Lowry/Miller/Alan Anderson Iggy/DeRozan Gay/Amir/Bargs/big V

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The Raptors traded away this

The Raptors traded away this year's first round pick so I'm pretty sure they can't trade away next years. Also, the Raps need front court help/depth, not another wing making over 10 million a season ( although Iggy would be a nice upgrade over Derozan). And obviously without the first round pick, Denver isn't getting much in return or at least not as much as they could probably get elsewhere.

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