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The Raptors, so far, have played like the third best team in the Eastern Conference. With quality wins over the Pacers, Knicks, Nets, and the Bulls, along with a very competitive game against the Heat, the Raptors have shown that they are for real. They've played better team ball without Rudy Gay, and have added multiple players that can play well off-the-bench. This isn't being told as much as it should. The Raptors have multiple young players that have massive potential, like DeMar and Valanciunas, and a player that is making a strong case for an All-Star selection in Kyle Lowry. They are one of the youngest and most athletic teams in the league, and are probably the most exciting team to watch, at least in the East. The Raptors are currently 4th in conference standings. It is hard to believe they won't make a push to the 3rd spot with the 3rd place Hawks losing Al Horford for the season. The East is a two-team conference with three teams that can possibly make a Cinderella playoff push, those teams being the Raptors, Nets, and Knicks. What are your thoughts on the Raptors?

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