Tor and NJ sign and trade for Bosh.

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Tor and NJ sign and trade for Bosh.

NJ ended up with the third pick. Piecing together a frontline is never easy but do you think Bosh would compliment Lopez's game?

I could see NJ sign and trading the 3rd pick and perhaps Williams or CDR for Bosh. Tor could draft Cousins with the third pick which would finally put Barg's at his more appropriate spot of the 4. Both teams end up with filled needs instead of redundant parts. Bargs and Bosh aren't back to the basket types. Lopez and Cousins are. Salaries don't need to match because NJ is under the cap. Tor would still have their 13th pick.

Bosh likes to play away from the basket and shoot the midrange and I'm certain he would love to play with a true center.

Tor interviewed Cousins,

"Toronto, Golden State and Minnesota had all interviewed Cousins before Thursday. The Raptors asked a lot of questions about his character, while the Warriors were concerned with his conditioning."

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I have suggested this

I have suggested this multiple times.. I even suggested it when they were getting the number 1 pick.. There is going to be a big change in NJ with that new owner that makes jeans... Something is going to happen.

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But isnt Bosh an

But isnt Bosh an "Unrestricted Free Agent" ? I thought that means that Toronto no longer has the rights of Bosh if your an unrestricted ? The Nets can just try and sign him and keep the 3rd pick.

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Why would they do this when

Why would they do this when they can draft Favors and keep him for 5 years or so on a rookie deal. Favors could wind up being better than Bosh.

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If Bosh is willing to do a

If Bosh is willing to do a sign and trade and go to the Nets, why wouldn't he just sign with the Nets straight up? Wouldn't he want them to keep the number three pick and have them keep their good, young talent so he has a chance to play with them rather then have the Nets send them to Toronto who is in the same division and play them four times a year?

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b/c signing through S&T gives

b/c signing through S&T gives him 30M more than just signing straight up with the Nets,Bosh already said that this is too much money to leave

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I would love that deal NJ

I would love that deal

NJ gets Bosh (and a new chance at luring Lebron James)

Tor gets #3 pick and Terrence Williams

Toronto can select Cousins at 3 and Avery Bradley at 13

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i think its a big stretch to

i think its a big stretch to say Favors could be better than Bosh before hes even entered the league.

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In an ideal world

NJ signing Bosh without a sign and trade would be perfect. As a player, if you truely only care about championships and your already getting a boat load of money, it would make sense not to sabotage your chances by removing your new teams 3rd pick and an asset. Greed is a powerful thing though. The sign and trade gets Bosh his 6th year on his deal and at higher annual raises.

I also agree that its a huge stretch to suggest Favors will pan out at all. All signs point to great potential but he could very well be another Beasley or Kwame Brown. Guys who just don't have a head for the NBA game. This is why Dallas always goes after over priced veterans. Proven commodities I guess.

Colangelo has already said that he believes if Bosh is going to leave... Bosh is going to make sure Tor gets something for him via a sign and trade.

If NJ had come out with the 1st over all pick, I don't think there's any way Tor gets the 1st pick in a sign and trade. 3rd pick is abit different because the 2 main studs will be gone.

Its just a few thoughts. Probably doesn't happen, but its fun to workout the possibilities.

This years Mocks are going to be a mess. I know every year its always the same deal, "there's going to be a ton of activity" etc etc but this year is unlike any other.

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