Off Topic : Need Help with a 2k13 "My Player" League

OKAY, so I'm one of those guys that gets bored midway through the Summer and while waiting for the next NBA season and the release of the latest Edition of NBA2K I create my own "MY PLAYER" Teams (made up of Original Created players from other 2K users)

I'll give you guys an Example

My "PLAYER" is a 6'8 Sg/Sf with a 75 Overall Rating, named Rocky Rodriguez

He's a good ball handler/passer/rebounder and a very good one on one scorer

He lacks in the perimeter defense and outside shooting department (although he's a good off the dribble shooter in the mid range, he struggles with 3 point attempts)

NBA Comparison: Evan Turner

So Guys give me your "MY PLAYER" profile and I'll add him to my player pool...

Try to be realistic with your Overall Ratings/Measurables and NBA Player Comparisons

Example, please don't tell me you have a 6'10 Pg with an 99 Overall rating and your player comparison is Lebron James, you will made a Create A Scrub instead LOL...

I've got a lot of spots to fill so if you have multiple "My Players" to contribute feel free to post them...

P.S...Any X Box 360 Users could just post your "My Player" to the 2K Share database, but I will create you from scratch if you give me enough info in your profile...

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Shabazz "The Jazz" Raheem

Shabazz "The Jazz" Raheem Akhbar

6'5" 214 lb SG from IUPUI

A crafty lights out shooter whose not afraid to draw contact. For his size, he's an excellent rebounder (especially offensively) and great handles. His passing is not extraordinary but he did lead his team in assists averaging 4.2 apg his senior year in college. Not much of a shot blocker or steals guy but he does play strong man to man defense. Decent athlete but nothing jaw dropping. Auotmatic from the FT line (shot 89% in his 4 years at IUPUI).

NBA Comparison: James Harden/Manu Ginoboli

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Did you just make Shabazz

Did you just make Shabazz Muhammad's alter ego?

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"Shabazz to Rocky for the

"Shabazz to Rocky for the oop!" just has a nice little ring to it.....but now that you mention it, he could be the evil Shabazz lol

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My "PLAYER" is a 6'3 Pg/Sg

My "PLAYER" is a 6'3 205 lbs Pg/Sg from Arizona with a 68 Overall Rating, named Arthur Cummings

He has a decent ball-handling skills, with average rebounding skills, an above average 3-point shooter and has a great mid-range shot, gets open shots easily, great with close shots lay-ups etc., a rimgrazer dunker, and is great stealing the ball.

He is a below-average defender, does get beat one-on-one occasionally. Not a very fast guard and isn't the best passer around.

NBA Comparison: Randy Foye

Although my player's overall isn't the highest, he still is a pretty good player.

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Thanks guys both guys will added to My player Pool

@ I May Be Batman, what's 'The Jazz's" Overall rating, he sounds like a solid 70-80 type of player...Is he left handed or right handed, you compared him to Manu and "The Beard"

@ DiaperDandy, most "My Player's" arent rated that high but have defined skillsets/roles, unless you've dump hours on the mode and have him Rated 80 and over, your player is the average rating....a solid 68 combo guard with great shooting touch and a knack for steals will be a fine addition to the League...

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I would say a 72 starting,

I would say a 72 starting, but potential to be as high as an 88 down the line. Let's make him a right handed shooter (Similar shot release like Nick Young). And make his arms tatted up so I know its real UNGHHH! (Rick Ross voice lol).

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My player

My player is a 6'10" Power Foward. Christian Walker. From Kentucky.

He is realitvely unathletic but makes up for it with a high motor/iq. He is not much of a scorer but is pretty solid with a mid-range jumper. Under developed post moves but he has a nice up and under. Where he excels is post defense and rebounding.

Overall: 71

NBA comparison: Less athletic Marcus Camby with Udonis' Haslem's jump shot.

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Yeah, I've played this character for a while.

5'9" Athletic PG from Cornell named Thaddeus "the Beast" Li. Overall 76. I tried to model his progression to mirror myself as a player if I were on steroids (other than dunking, of course).

Great 3 pt shooter and dunker. No mid range game at all (like literally 52 rating for mid range). Tenacious rebounder and shot blocker (doesn't mean much at 5'9") with above average on-ball defense. Below average special shots like fade-aways and step-backs as well as special dribbles like behind the back.

Top notch speed and stamina but average quickness. Turnover prone but solid court awareness. Surprisingly good post moves.

When you create this guy, you'll see just how ridiculously useless he is on the court in a game scenario despite decent overall rating.

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I do something very

I do something very similar.

Montrell Howard

6'8 240 lb SF/PF from St. Louis

He's a freak athlete which allows him to be a great perimeter defender as well as a decent post defender. Not a good shooter from midrange or 3, lacks a good handle and isn't a good passer. Shows nice touch around the rim and is a highlight reel dunker. Defensively he is a nice shot blocker and gets some steals too. Decent offensive rebounder, mediocre defensive rebounder. Not as strong as his frame would suggest, but still not bad. He's only 20 so he can develop but he really has no wing skills outside of being a great athlete and potential lockdown defender. You could probably make him a low 70's overall. He's a lefty with superstar potential.

Ryan Hanson

6'2 184 lb PG from Houston

He's one of the worst defenders around, but his skill on offense helps make up for it. A mediocre leaper with solid quickness and average speed, he isn't going to dominate anyone with his athleticism. He's a nice midrange shooter and a sharpshooter from deep. Not great at finishing or getting to the rim, but has a solid handle. He's an excellent passer who makes some risky decisions at times, but gets away with it due to such crisp passes. Lacks strength and can get bullied by even smaller PG's. I'm guessing he'll be a mid to high 60's guy. Not a great starter, but a perfect backup to a team with a score 1st PG.

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Aaron Carr 6'2" 189lb.

Aaron Carr

6'2" 189lb. SG/PG from Purdue.

Undersized score first combo-guard who uses his superior quickness and ball handling to get open. Most of his points come from mid-range jump shots to floaters in the lane, can be a deadly scorer when in rhythm. Streaky 3 point shooter, and is not afraid of pressure. Decent passer when he chooses to do so. Below average man defender, but gets steals by playing passing lanes. Agressive offensive player who can score with the best of them, but plays lackadaisical defense. Could be a special scorer. High Risk / High Reward Player.

At Best: Rich Man's Ben Gordon

At Worst: JJ Barea

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Gerardo Rivera 6'4 SG Brazil

Gerardo Rivera 6'4 SG Brazil 3 pt specialist
I always try to make a international player in my player mode this guard is a quick shooting 3 pt marksman who moves with or without the ball to find open shots.He also can create for his teammates avg around 3.5 apg his rookie season. Where he gets hurt is with his size and strength getting bullied by bigger 2 guards or wing players . He can be realized on for an off the bench spark or to start and spread the floor for the experienced players.

Best case : Athletic Kirk Hinrich

Worst case : Rudy Fernendez

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Damien Hawkins 6'5 point

Damien Hawkins 6'5 point guard out of Michigan

Hes a combo guard in every sence of the word. Hes a tremendous athlete close to maxed out speed agility vertical etc. Very strong. Has a really good mid range shot and a nice and improving 3 point shot. His man defense is ok but hes great in passing lanes. Great rebounder for his size. Good ballhandler can get sloppy with the ball at times. Ok passer. Good bball iq doesnt force things.

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Jackie Moon SF

My "My Player" is Jackie Moon. He's a 6'8 lefty small forward

He's good at rebounding / ball handling / scoring / dunking and has an 82 rating

Weaknesses are long range shooting (but automatic from mid-range), average perimeter defense and bad passer

NBA Comparison would be Carmelo Anthony I guess?

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Manuel Thrift Now On X-Box 360 2k Share under Player DNA

I just uploaded this guy to the 2k share community bro (xbox 360) check him out!

I made him as a more finesse type big with both guard and front court abilites ala Anthony Davis

He's a 70 overall which makes him a servicable player at his position and he has much room to grow and develop being only 19 years of age.

I think his ceiling is Amare Stoudamire and his floor is DeAndre Jordan depending on which position he plays long term

Name: Manuel Thrift

Number: 26

Position: C/PF

Height: 6'10

Weight: 219

School: VMI

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Jacob Stallard





blond-haired caucasian

Bradley University

Incredible pass/awareness ratings. Great anticipation-gets ridiculous steal numbers. Solid shooter and defender. Not very athletic.

77 overall

Comparison: John Stockton

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The machine 7 feet Small

The machine

7 feet Small forward, all around, 99 overall. best player in the game. will dominate from anywhere


ray allen

6'9 SG, 3pt specialist, 99 overall. to play strictly against the CPU he might be the best player in the game, so good at shooting threes, it unreal. and i play on HOF


Fat J -B- Jammin

6'4 athletic PG. will dunk on your entire team, and break your ankles 2

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btw i was on the #1 and #2

btw i was on the #1 and #2 crew of 2k11, ps3.


im a beast

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