Off Topic: NBA Game Time App

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Off Topic: NBA Game Time App

I'm using the NBA Game Time App on my Iphone and IPad and I really hate it. From time to time they don't offer any game recap clips like today for the Lakers - Warriors game. Since they don't show any sort of nba media coverage on german television the internet is my only source for basketball related news and a shame to me that the official NBA App is so poor and filled with bugs or stupid features like I have to switch to landscape mode to view some content.

What do you guys use for mobile Apps or which websites do you prefer for news and especially media (videos).

I usually browse, espn once in a while, hoopsworld and of course! As a Thunder fan I can recommend you to visit the which is really a great and critical site relating OKC.

Aside from Game Time I really like the Sportacular App from Yahoo which is also great for NCAA basketball and any other international sports coverage.

What do you guys use and which sites do you like the best? Are there any alternatives to the Game Time App?

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