Top ten prospect Emmanuel Mudiay to decide college decision tomorrow at Elite 24

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Top ten prospect Emmanuel Mudiay to decide college decision tomorrow at Elite 24

Although believed to be a Kentucky lean for his entire recruitment, you can never know for sure.

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SMU appears to have the

SMU appears to have the momentum with recruiting analysts right now.

Several signs it could go that way. Mudiay has visited SMU 5 times in the last year and has not visited UK. If he was going to UK you'd think he'd wait till he visited UK for Big Blue Madness before committing. Also UK recently offered PG Tyler Ulis and turned up the pressure on combo guard Devin Booker. Could be a sign they don't feel very confident with Mudiay.

I always considered him a UK lock but the last couple days that has changed.

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I think it would be great for

I think it would be great for his draft stock if he plays well there. He'd put up great stats since he'd be the clear alpha dog of the team, but he'd still be playing good competition in the American Athletic Conf.

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well a

well a I think going to smu would be a nice fit. If Keith Frazier stays around for another year and develops they have a solid backcourt and great coaching. Don't think it will be UK this early in his recruitment considering he has no idea how much of their backcourt is 1 and done. SMU good fit

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Yeah Frazier is Nice.. But

Yeah Frazier is Nice.. But he's one and done I think

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If Frazier is one and done, I

If Frazier is one and done, I think it's more likely he leaves to be a 2nd rounder to undrafted. He's not that nice, yet. Once Larry Brown gets a look at Frazier's shot selection up close and personal, I see him knocking Keith down a peg.

Mudiay could be the type of prospect to finally get the ball rolling for SMU as far as getting blue chippers, kinda like how Perry Jones was for Baylor.

In somewhat related news, highly touted 2014 PG prospect Josh Perkins picked Gonzaga which is a huge get for them. They usually don't get players of his caliber. Sick passer and floor general.

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