top ten 202 -2015 nba prospects

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top ten 202 -2015 nba prospects

i was just wonderin because the comparisons and potential talk who or the top 10 nba prospects 2002-2015

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Sigh.... 1. Lebron James 2.


1. Lebron James

2. Greg Oden

3. Kevin Durant

4. Derrick Rose

5. Yao Ming

6. Anthony Davis

7. Blake Griffin

8. Anthony Wiggins

9. John Wall

10. Andrew Bogut

Honorable Mention. (No particular order.)

Carmelo Anthony. The true second pick in 2003, second best freshman season in the time frame behind Durant.

Darko Milicic. Darko was a shot at "upside" by a playoff team. Melo was definitely the consensus #2 prospect behind Lebron.

Jay Williams. Compared to Stephon Marbury with more strength and a higher IQ. A huge what if, the biggest on the list.

Dwight Howard. Was a blank slate with infinite potential. Upside that worked out, but was consider a toss up for the #1 pick with...

Emeka Okafor. As safe a top pick as I've seen in the last 15 years.

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Who is Anthony Wiggins?

Who is Anthony Wiggins?

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Anthony Wiggins will not be

Anthony Wiggins will not be as good as Jakarti Parker

Rip255 (not verified)

I see some things in that post I agree with, but surely Carmello Anthony was a higher prospect than Andrew Bogut. The guy had just won the NCAA champtionship for Syracuse as a freshman and Bogut was considered a "safe" pick in the mould of Emeka Okafor.

I'd even say Anthony was around the same level as Kevin Durant at the time. LeBron and Oden are definitely 1 and 2 though.

Andrew Wiggins doesn't even make top 10 in my opinion. If you gave me Anthony Davis, Blake Griffin or "Anthony" Wiggins straight out of college, I'm not taking Wiggins.

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1-Lebron James.... Easy 2-

1-Lebron James.... Easy

2- Greg oden.... Again, easy #2. Size, skill and athleticism. Figured to be a dominant 7 footer.

3-Kevin durant....people were comparing him to McGrady in highschool and his one year of college did nothing to diminish that comparison

4-jay Williams....despite going behind ming, most had Williams as the top prospect from that draft but Houston already had Steve Francis plus Yao came with international marketability. Williams was defenitely the highest ranked pg of anyone from this time frame. He walked away gr being the lock #1 pick in 2001 to return to school to get his degree.

5-Yao ming....7-5 with advanced skills. Immediate franchise changer

6- Derrick the draft got closer, rose pulled well ahead of Beasley and people saw him as a freak of nature athlete with great size.

7-Dwight Howard....similar to rose vs Beasley, Howard was battling okafor months prior to draft. But as the draft got closer, it became his draft as people were enameled with his athleticism and limitless potential

8- john wall... People viewed him as the next rose. Great size and athleticism. Surely the skills would catch up in no time and wit the way te pg position was looking around the league, gm's drooled at bringing wall on board.

9- darko milicic....there was tons of buzz about this guy. People ware saying crazy things like Kevin Mchale with more defense, franchise changer if given time who could play both ends. Some said melo was better, but everyone also knew melo wasikited defensively was a scorer while darko could potentially have more impact all around

10-Andrew bogut. People felt like his floor was practically 20-10 and he was just super well rounded and a safe pick . U could easily replace him with melo though. But melo wasn't as fluid as some of the great wings. Either guy could be here though.

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