Top SF's in draft.

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Top SF's in draft.

Right here I've ranked the top 20 small forwards in this years draft. I believe Derrick Williams has an all-star future eventually and Leonard to be a solid starter/6th man for many years. European Davis Bertans seems like a he could be a Peja-like player, while I'm not sold on Honeycutt, not sure if hes worthy of a top-20 pick. Heres the list:

  1. Derrick Williams 6'8 Arizona
  2. Kawhi Leonard 6'7 San Diego St.
  3. Jordan Hamilton 6'8 Texas
  4. Tobias Harris 6'8 Tennessee
  5. Davis Bertans 6'10 Latvia
  6. Kyle Singler 6'9 Duke
  7. Tyler Honeycutt 6'8 UCLA
  8. Jimmy Butler 6'7 Marquette
  9. Chandler Parsons 6'10 Florida
  10. Chris Wright 6'8 Dayton
  11. Nikola Mirotic 6'10 Montenegro
  12. Gary Flowers 6'8 Southern Miss
  13. Pablo Aguilar 6'9 Spain
  14. Robin Benzing 6'10 Germany
  15. Jereme Richmond 6'7 Illinois
  16. Justin Brownlee 6'7 St. Johns
  17. Amu Saaka 6'6 Furman
  18. Jamelle Horne 6'7 Arizona
  19. Mike Davis 6'9 Illinois
  20. Tim Abromaitis 6'8 Notre Dame

I see at least 3 maybe 4 lottery picks, and up to 9 first rounders in this group.

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I might throw in Justin

I might throw in Justin Holiday into that list too.

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Jan Vesley

Where is Jan Vesley?

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Derrick Williiams

I really hope he gets to play pf in the NBA. I think he could be an elite pick and roll/pop player, and he will really struggle to defend NBA 3s. His face up game will be much better against 4s and is much better when he is closer to the rim.

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Dude Abromitis isnt in the

Dude Abromitis isnt in the draft hes gonna be a 5th year senior at ND this winter.

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You mention a guy that not a

You mention a guy that not a lot of people have been talking about, Davis Bertans. I think this guy could be a great guy to have on your roster...some scouts reallly like this guy.

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Mike Davis should be 10th on

Mike Davis should be 10th on that list. Or at least higher than Amu Sakka and Jamelle Horne

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I just don't see any reason

I just don't see any reason why a person would think Kyle Singler is a better small forward prospect than Jimmy Butler or Chandler Parsons. He doesn't do anything better than them, he just has a bigger name.

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@torontoraptors10, I agree

@torontoraptors10, I agree with you, Jan Veseley seems like more of a 3 despite his length, but from the people I have talked to, they think Vesely will eventually have to muscle up and become more of a 4.

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I thought Vesley could play the 3 in the mold of Kirilenko, if he does muscle up he could definitely play the 4. As of now I see him as the 3.

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