Top SF in 2011 NBA Draft?

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Top SF in 2011 NBA Draft?

Let's say your organization has the #1 pick in the draft and they ONLY want to select the best SF in this years draft.

There's a guy in Derrick Williams who is a SF/PF mix, or Perry Jones who has a ton of potential, Harrison Barnes who started out his College year slow but has turned a corner in the past month or even Terrence Williams who has potential to be a solid NBA player?

So, who would you take?

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give me Harrison Barnes

give me Harrison Barnes although I feel he is more of an NBA 2

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Harrison Barnes.

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I think Derrick Williams and

I think Derrick Williams and Perry Jones will end up being power forwards at the next level. Sure both of them could probably play a few minutes at the 3, but the 6'11'' Jones is no KG and Williams ( who I initially was skeptical about his height) apparently measured 6'9'' in shoes and with his ability to draw fouls in the post I think an NBA team will probably put him on the block.

Harrison Barnes is the best 3 in this class, he reminds me a bit of Danny Granger now that he's hit his stride in conference play.

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Barnes sprang to mind as the

Barnes sprang to mind as the others are perhaps more combo forwards but is he worth the number 1 pick? If I could trade down a few places and get him then that would be ideal.

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Barnes or Terrence Jones

Barnes would be my favourite but Perry Jones scares me ala Lamar Odom coming out of Rhode Island. World of talent but no desire to dominate.

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Barnes is the only tru SF.

Barnes is the only tru SF. Williams handles needs a lil work and no one knows if he can guard the position,, Perry has alot of trouble guarding a Small Forward and his jumper and handles (other than going on a fast break) leave alot to be desired. Barnes is more of a SG imo anyway

Perry is also a overrated athlete

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Did you mean Terrence Jones

Did you mean Terrence Jones or Terrence Williams? I would take barnes

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Give me Harrison Barnes.

Give me Harrison Barnes.

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1) Barnes 2) Terrence

1) Barnes

2) Terrence Jones

Haven't seen Perry Jones make a shot beyond the high post all year and he's not a natural 4.

Tweener alert.

Anthony Randolph clone.

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can someone fill me in on

can someone fill me in on where this perry jones - tmac comparison come from? waaaayy off imo

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IMO, the top 5 SF Harrison

IMO, the top 5 SF

  • Harrison Barnes
  • Terrance Jones
  • Tyler Honeycutt
  • Jeffery Taylor
  • Kris Joesph

I think Barnes is still in the running for the first pick. If he's not, he should be.

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Perry Jones is wayyyyy

Perry Jones is wayyyyy overrated. Yea he has potential but potential is only what could be. What is there right now has done little to impress me. If he goes top 5 it truly shows how weak the top of this draft class is compared to years past. Its fairly deep but lacks the star prospects IMO, outside of Irving.

But odds are some team gets caught up in the "could be" and passes up on a talent who has shown they can produce. Always happens.

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Ya I meant Terrence Jones my

Ya I meant Terrence Jones my bad lol.

Ya overall I think I'd take Harrison Barnes, but Perry Jones potential could come back to bite you in the a$$

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