Top remaining recruits

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Top remaining recruits

So now that Shabazz and Nerlens have decieded where they are going where do the top remaining recruits go? Anthony Bennett is the top rated recruit left follwed by Amile Jefferson, Tony Parker, and Devonta Pollard. Where do these kids go?

Anthony Bennett- My money is on him going to UK to give them another super class of freshmen.

Amile Jefferson- Pennsylvania kid and has an offer from some very good programs but also has one from Villanova, I think he stays home and goes to Nova.

Tony Parker-I could see him doing the same as Jefferson and staying in the state. He has an offer from almost every elite program but Georgia has a budding 2 guard that probably looks really attractive to this 6'9 center.

Devonta Pollard- With an offer from Texas and J'Covan Brown leaving and Myck Kabongo staying Pollard should jump on that opportunity to start right away.

I don't know about my picks, "I may be wrong" (Charles Barkely voice)...."but I doubt it"

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Bennett - i see him going to

Bennett - i see him going to either KU or Oregon, prob UK

Jefferson - i was hoping hed go to Cuse but i guess they arent in the running anymore, i really have no idea so ill say he stays home and reps Nova

Tony Parker - UCLA

Devonta Pollard - Texas

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Just wild guesses: Bennett -

Just wild guesses:

Bennett - Florida

Jefferson - Duke

Tony Parker - UCLA (some sources already say hes coming to LA)

Pollard - Georgetown

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Bennett- I see this as a two

Bennett- I see this as a two horse race between UF and UK. My money is on UK

Jefferson- The three main schools on his list are UK, NC State, and Duke. He fits the "Duke" mold perfectly and I think Coach K can go in and steal Jefferson away from State

Tony Parker- UCLA. Anderson and Muhammad have been in his ear all week and the kid is very impressionable. His parents are in love with Duke but with Mason Plumlee coming back I think that rules them out. A darkhorse in this race would be Georgia. They're close to home, and the Parkers have stated that they do NOT want Tony going all the way to California. Also two of his highschool teammates are going to Georgia as well.

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Top Remaining Recruits

Bennett - I see him deciding on UK, just a hunch. (Especially with Patric Young returning).

Jefferson - Duke (from what i've read he attended the Duke-UNC game and really enjoyed Duke). I just hope he doesn't choose NC State. They are looking like a dangerous team next year, especially if Leslie returns.

Tony Parker - I think UCLA, but i didn't know that his parents want him to stay close to home (thanks Akhan). I wonder when he will end up, and I would love to see Duke end up with both Jefferson & Parker, but I think that is a pipe dream.

Pollard - I am feeling Texas. He would get a lot of run in that program.

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i heard from a source

i heard from a source yesterday that parker is heading to ucla

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My take

Anthony Bennett: Think he is far and away the best player left on the board, definitely as an immediate impact college player. Kentucky would be my pick. Florida is also in the running, though UW, Oregon and UNLV also are apparently possibilities.

Amile Jefferson: Villanova used to be a serious possibility, but I am hearing it is a two horse race between NC State and Duke. As appealing as NC State's class may be, I am going to go with Duke.

Tony Parker: UCLA. Just have a feeling. Ohio State seems like a possibility, heard they pitched him as Jared Sullinger's replacement. He is not as good as Sullinger, but is a big body with soft hands who should provide some solid minutes if he sticks in the post. Seems like a long term guy as well and I have a feeling he goes with Bazz and Anderson. UCLA may be having issues, but they are UCLA, they will always have that prestige. Duke, Kansas and home state Georgia apparently also have a shot.

Devonta Pollard: He is apparently going to go to school away from home. Hearing Georgetown is the likely destination. Alabama, Texas and Mizzou all are in it as well, but it looks like Georgetown gets another solid player who looked like he was heading to Big 12 country (ie. Otto Porter last year).

Chris Obekpa: A center who is on the top 100 radar, he looks like he is going to Cincinnati. He is visiting Oregon next week, with St. John's and Connecticut also being possible destinations.

Also heard that Torian Graham and Savon Goodman might be in line to do a Post Grad year to get there grades up.

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Why is nobody going to Ohio State

Parker would have been perfect. He would have a offense already set up to get a guy 15 touches in the post. Inside outside game next year with Deshaun Thomas would have been great. OSU sat a bunch of good players from last years class like Sam Thompson (if Matta ever lets this kid play for real , he will be a beast), LaQuinton Ross and Amir Williams. If Thomas has to play the 3 to prove he can for the League, then Williams down low as a DeAndre Jordan player, Parker could have had a spot on the post. I loved when Williams and Sullinger were on the court together last year.

I don't know where Bennet is going but I will be a fan of whatever college he chooses next year.He my favorite player in this years class.

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Amile's definitely coming to

Amile's definitely coming to duke. hes Lance Thomas 2.0. and if the 3 spot just opened up a little more with the Gbinje transfer.

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I think Obekpa is going to

I think Obekpa is going to St.Johns.One of his closet friends has commited there and also there is a ton of time for big men st.Johns

Bennett has stated he wants to go pro as soon as possible so that his mother can stop working two jobs a day and not sleeping like a normal person.So I say Kentucky for him.

Parker-between Georgia and UCLA. I don't think he is feeling duke as much as he used to.

Jefferson and Pollard im not to sure.Jefferson keeps us guessing and Pollard is also preety quiet.

I think Torian Graham will end up not clearing for college because he has went to about 5 high schools and the NCAA rules are more strict by the second.

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