Top recruits

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Top recruits

I'm kind of suprised at the lack of creativtiy from the last half decade of top high school recruits. There haven't been that many trail blazers as I thought there would be. I mean yes brandon jennings went to italy and latvious williams went to dleague but why hasn't any of these players had such belief in there game that they tried to go to a historically bad college and make them winners. I mean think about it would a recruit be more popular for leading north carolina or duke who is already stacked with talent to the sweet 16 or taking a team like howard or louisiana monroe to the tournament and winning some games. From a marketing standpoint trail. Blazers always get the most money in endorsements case in point lebron was the first high school player to get his games nationally televised and he performed now he has biggest nike deal. These top recruits could get cameras to go to any college and watch them play especially if they get tv crews to come to they high school games why don't more players go for the big fish in small pond instead of following same paths. The nba is looking for star players to carry teams in the top 5 of the draft and what better way to do that then taking an obscure team to prominence while being the man on the team?

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If you got game, you are

If you got game, you are going to be extremely rich no matter what path you take.

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I think there is a big risk

I think there is a big risk involved in going to a very small school with limited talent. If you don't turn that team around and you put up gaudy stats, you will either appear like a "stat chaser", like your playing good because you're playing lackluster competition, or like a guy who's gets labeled as a good player on a bad team. If you're an impact player on a top team, it really shows that you have a chance to be an elite prospect, since everyone on your team and the majority of your schedule are very good prospects in their own right.

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