Top Prospects by Position

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Top Prospects by Position

Here are my current top 5's


1) Kyrie Irving - Duke

Why? Irving can do everything at a very high level and he has barely even scraped the surface...he is quite a dynamic playmaker for being so inexperienced.

2) Kemba Walker- Uconn

Why? Love his take-over ability and has the dynamite scoring capabilities to be a solid starting PG in the NBA

3) Nolan Smith- Duke

Why? Surprisingly athletic, an incredible winner, one of the more underrated prospects in this year's draft

4) Jimmer Fredette- BYU

Why? Love his obvious gifts but he isn't a natural lead guard and looks more comfortable creating for himself than others but I still expect him to be a good NBA player just not Steph Curry good...In my opinion he's going to get drafted higher than I think he should

5) Brandon Knight- Kentucky

Why? Has had an up-n-down season but the guy can shoot the ball from the outside and has the size to be a threat on transition plays. Needs to cut down on out of control moments but he is young and still has lots of growing to do


1) Alec Burks- Colorado

Why? He isn't a cant-miss prospect but has the tools to turn out to be a solid NBA player...the shooting guard spot is really weak in this year's draft so that helps Burks' case. Like his versatility and Brandon Roy like smoothness to his game

2) Jordan Hamilton- Texas

Why? He could transition to a small forward at the next level but his ability to score both creatively and conservatively will benefit him in the league. Also love his build, the guy is strong and defensively could be a Bryon Russell type athlete

3) Marshon Brooks- Providence

Why? Stone cold scoring machine, not many guys out there like this. He has the length and touch to be a starting 2 guard for a team with a solid defensive PG

4) Tyler Honeycutt- UCLA

Why? I'm not a huge fan of Honeycutt right now. His athleticism and shot-blocking are legit for a shooting guard but he is raw offensively and isn't explosive enough to justify his slim build

5) Klay Thompson- Washington State

Why? Not the most athletic prospect but can shoot the ball from all over the court and has the height to get his shot off over more rangy and athletic players


1) Perry Jones- Baylor

Why? The deepest position in this year's draft is led by Perry Jones who has Kevin Garnett-like size but the skill set of a 2-guard...Not overly gifted on the offensive side of the ball right now but he's young and has a ridiculously high ceiling

2) Terrence Jones- Kentucky

Why? Passionate player with the ability to take it inside or shoot from long range. Very gifted physically reminds me of former Wildcat Jamal Mashburn

3) Harrison Barnes- North Carolina

Why? What a pure and gifted athlete this freshman is. Has the ability to get 20 a game but it might not be until 2012-2013...we shall see

4) Jan Vesely- Czech Republic

Why? We've seen someone with his skill set and size before...We saw it with Yaroslav Korolev but also with Danilo Gallinari...It's hit or miss with a guy like Vesely

5) Kawhi Leonard- SDSU

Why? Well, Leonard won't alter the game with the ball in his hands but could be a lockdown defender and amazing defenive rebounder from the 3 spot


1) Derrick Williams- Arizona

Why? What a talent Williams is. Finishes so strong in the paint and also keeps teams more than on their feet with his 3 point shooting. Has the potential to be an all-star in the Antoine Walker/David West mold

2) Jared Sullinger- Ohio State

Why? Two of the best three prospects for the upcoming draft are at the PF spot. Love Sullinger's size and touch around the rim. If he can develop a consistent 17 foot jumpshot, could very easily be a Carlos Boozer type at the next level

3) Marcus Morris- Kansas

Why? I love everything about Morris' game aside from his size. I think his subpar post defense will be identified by NBA vets but this Kenyon Martin clone has the potential to be better than the other kansas forwards that have come before him (julian wright, darrell arthur, etc.)

4) Donatas Motiejunas- Lithuania

Why? He could rise up this board but right now, he'll stay at #4. He has the size to be a game-changer on offense but his defensive softness could be an issue next season

5) JaJuan Johnson- Purdue

Why? Doesn't really have an NBA body but I like his game. Can shoot the ball very well from the mid-range and is one of the best big men in Purdue history


1) Enes Kanter- Turkey

Why? Amazing potential, probably has the highest ceiling of all the players in this draft. Size is unmatchable and really could be something special.

2) Jonas Valanciunas- Lithuania

Why? Could be picked in the top 10 if he works out well. Has unusual feel for the game for a European big man and plays with a toughness that most guys his size dont play with

3) Trey Thompkins- Georgia

Why? Very best case scenario, Thompkins is a poor mans Marreese Speights.

4) Jordan Williams- Maryland

Why? Good athlete with good hands reminds me a little of Sean May but a couple inches taller

5) Keith Benson- Oakland

Why? Don't ever think he'll be a starter but could be a better version of Hilton Armstrong...thats not saying much however

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My only nitpick from skimming

My only nitpick from skimming is that Jan Vesely is basically nothing like Danillo Gallinari..

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I like this for the most part

I like this for the most part and I'll give you credit for making it. I probably couldn't name 5 draftworthy centers w/o looking at this list.

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I just want to point out that

I just want to point out that Trey Thompkins usually plays PF but other then that I agree with most of your rankings.

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I feel this is correct if you

I feel this is correct if you are basing there talents on how they will translate to the NBA with their current skill set. I believe Knight still has alot of potential. I also believe Fredette is the 2nd best PG but that is just because I am a fond believer his skills wll translate well to the NBA level and think your ranking of him is very reasonable. Imo Motiejunas is going to be a big dud andwhy did you leave Tristan Thompson off your list I wouldve put him as the number 3 or 4 PF. If you include potential then Henson has to be in here, my PFs would be like this.

He is a true PF unlike Williams and would be that perfect power in the paint, low post scorer.

He shows a great all around game but that is at the college level as a tweener. he will have to find the perfect system for him at the NBA level to be that productive and I feel he will end up like Beasley if he doesnt. Will always be a defensive liability at any position.

Has great athletisism and versatility. His defensive intensity should help his stock, and when his wingspan measurements come in he will intrigue people similar to how Sanders did last year.

Great defensive player that grinds out games, gets the dirty work done, and has good potential. Needs to work on rebounding thou.

Ive never seen him play. I dont wanna say he is horrible, I dont wanna say he is great, but a similar player to him Andrea Bargnani got drafted in a draft that was about as weak as this one and hasnt had much impact on the game at all. Anybody who is going to play like a poor mans Bargnani should go play ball in the WNBA.

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I feel like theres almost a consensus for whose in this draft, So im going to do mine on guys that it just seems like are in this draft, not just the top overall prospect at the position. Guys like John Henson, Jordan Williams, Jamychal Green I won't put on there because I think its at least 50/50 they come back right now.


1. Kyrie Irving- Dont know that much about his game, he is one of the 2 giant darkhorses of this draft (along with Kanter) because of his injuries. People question his gamebreaking athleticism at the next level, and I can see that. He isn't like a Derrick Rose or John Wall, but its too soon to say he isn't a Chris Paul with decent tools but can really flat out play. He seems pretty well rounded but my only concern with him is I get the vibe he is more solid than he is star. He could be Chris Paul, he could be Mike Conley, and he has a really small sample size for scouts to see. He is definately top 5, but Im not sure I'd take him first. Im high on some bigs in this class.

2. Brandon Knight- Starts with him having good size and being a good athlete. Has a great build for basketball, they are going to get him to be huge in a few years. He may not be a Rose or Wall, but his numbers actually stack up to any of them. He is at around 18, 4,4, and 3 To's which is about right for a freshman being asked to do way too much. Impressively, he is a solid 46% from the field and a good 40% from 3, which is really strong for a freshman. He has great tools and really solid results and is young, so I think people are kind of sleeping on BK right now. BK when he is 22 will be vastly superior as a player IMO to Jimmer now.

3. Kemba Walker- I like Walker. He is cat quick, shoots well, and is scrappy as they come. My big question with him is, is he a starter? Reminds me so much of Bobby Jackson. You wish he was an inch or two taller. Don't know how he is going to guard anybody in the NBA. Size limits potential, but he has some Johny Flynn, Ty Lawson, Aaron Brooks in him and can be a solid NBA guard.

4. Jimmer Fredette- I dont think he is going to be a lottery pick once Jimmer Mania subsides a bit. He is too slow for the PG position, way too small for the 2guard, and his upside is tapped. He will find a way to stick in the league because he can shoot, but he may very well be limited to being just a shooter, and how high up are you willing to draft a bad Defensive Shooter? He is very strong, and ready to go, so Id take him late first round but I think he will get overpicked.

5. Cory Joseph- I think he is going to come out. He is queit but gets the job done. He has great size, can shoot it, and is a good enough athlete. I dont see him falling out of the first round, I think he is one of those guys that scouts have always liked. Has great tools to be a role player, but some upside too. Low downside with him, he is an NBA player IMO

SG weakest position of the draft by far

1. Alec Burks- One of the few guys with upside at this position in the draft. I like him. Dont see a superstar, but he has some Eddie Jones to his game. Gonna be a player, but isnt ready to make an impact. Might need to be on a bad team and get some Pt. Not very smooth, kind of herky Jerky.

2. Marhson Brooks- Guys just a gamer. I think he finds a spot in the 20's. Has some Jamal Crawford to him, but he has some grit and instincts and I think could be a servicable off ball player as well if his scoring game doesn't translate. Sleeper to me, crazy productive, solid tools, clear cut position IMO. Dont see why he isnt getting more attention. Has some upside, he is one that I could see being a very good NBA player.

3. Jordan Hamilton- More of a SF but I had to do something. Another guy that will find a way to stick in the league. Solid shooter, good size, athletic enough. Will have to change his style of play, I dont see him being a lead scorer.

4. Scottie Hopson- I think he comes out. Who knows what to think with him. He has dominant moments and a ton of upside but a ton of question marks about reaching the upside. Doesnt appear to have much Basketball IQ, and doesnt make his team much better as of right now. Still he is 6'6 and athletic and a servicable shooter, so maybe he grows into a player. I dont think he has the floor game to be a star.

5. Nolan Smith- I dont see him playing much PG in a league dominated by PG's this year. He could be a good fit in Portland or Sacramento or Golden State or Toronto or NY where there is a Wing who is a dominant ball Handler, and the PG needs to be more of a spot up shooter and defender. Has a nice mid range and off dribble game, I think he is ready to contribute to a good teams second rotation right away. Bring alot of energy and is athletic. Has some George Hill in him, could be a better PG than I expect.


1. Harrison Barnes- I'll just make this clear. I think Perry Jones is a Pf at the next level. You cant make every tall guy Kevin Durant, make Jones a monster by the basket with his length and athleticis...but back to Barnes. Barnes is top 5 in this draft IMO for the simple fact that he is one of the guys that has star potential. Shows a great learning curve. Pretty good long range shooter, great rebounder, good on defense, Great size for the league, great body already. Needs to work on his ball handling, focus, and shot selection. Isn't an efficient player yet. For a team that is desperate for a face of the franchise type, he will be one of the most attractive player. Professional, hardworking, seems like a pretty safe bet to reach most of his potential. Sometimes blends in too much, needs to learn how to be aggressive without forcing.

2. Terrance Jones- Kid is a warrior. Sometimes I think he will be a PF though, but might be a Jeff Green type combo. You cant teach kids to be physical like he is, has a great body, dribble drive game for a big man, and the jumper shows potential. Has a really good all around game. Very High floor, the kid is a guaranteed player and Id take him top 10 easy. Has alot of Al Harrington in him.

3. Kahwi Leondard- Kid just reminds me so much of Gerald Wallace. Still, for every Gerald Wallace, there are a bunch of Renaldo Balkman's and Demarre Carrol's, who have yet to make any real impact. I think his skills have a chance to develop though, and he is a very impressive phyiscal specimen. Hard to deny his results, his very presence beyond the box score has his team in contention for a top 2 seed. I tend to like these sorts of guys. Id take him in the lotto.

4. Chris Singleton- big boom or bust kid. Has the potential to be an absolute lockdown defender at 4 positions. He is every inch of the 6'9 they have him listed, and can move laterally with a shooting guard, and is tough enough to scrap with a Center on a switch off a screen. Decent but not great 3 point shooter. Has no off dribble game, but a ton of defensive potential and ability to contribute right now. I could see him developing into a Durant Or Lebron Stopper type specialist. Id take him in the teens or even late lottery, Im very high on him. The more I think about it, there is some good SF's this year. Could be a super Mbah a Moute or James Posey.

5. Kyle Singler- not a whole lot of upside, but has good size for a SF, a solid all around floor game, and is a decent enough shooter now that if he specialized in it like he will have to in the pro's, will shoot it at or over 40 percent in the league. Landry Fields will have a good effect on Singler, a similar prospect. No star potential at all but could be anywhere from Mike Miller to Jason Kapono to Mike Dunleavy or Landry Fields or Luke Walton. Really trying to find a black guy to compare him to, struggling.


1. Perry Jones- If Im a GM hard to pass up this kid first overall. Depends on the situation, and if you have time to wait for him. The numbers are ok for a kid who some people didnt project as an instant impact player. Dominates in flashes, but not always and the fear is that he doesnt have that killer instinct, or will to dominate. I think making him a SF is a square peg, he looks more comfortable closer to the basket. He will be jawdropping in private workouts, physically he is off the charts and SOO fast. I just think he is physically in another league than the other guys in this draft and its hard to pass up a prospect so physically superior. He would probably be a top 10 specimen in the league. He can do thinks Bosh and Aldridge can only dream of, with similar length. Can put on plenty of weight too.

2. Jared Sullinger- My second favorite prospect overall, and at his position. No downside to him in my opinion. Elton Brand, Kevin Love, Carlos boozer are all good comparisons and he looks favorable side by side with any of them so far. Has dominated the country from the getgo, which is hard to do in the post. Needs to lose 15 pounds, he cant chase around 4' s at his current weight, but he truly is too short to be a primary Center. A bit of a tweener and thats the only question mark limiting his potential.

3. Jan Vesely- Another Darkhorse, as all I've seen is his youtubes. I assumed because he was Euro, he was skilled but not athletic. WRONG. Cold blooded athletic Killer, plays tough competition, and has great size for the 4 spot. Needs to put on some weight. Im super high on Vesely from what I've seen, he is another physical speciment

4. Derrick Williams- I have him lower than probably anybody, and I REALLY like him. Its wierd. PF is loaded this year, I think he is still a top 5 candidate and defintie top 7 or 8 guy but I dont see him first overall. Hard to deny his Productivity, especially at such a young age. Still, I dont see him ever being much better than Jeff Green or at the very very best Danny Granger. Might be closer to 6'7 than 6'9, especially barefoot.

5. Marcus Morris- Hard to not put MotieJunas here, but I like Morris. Has alot of Carlos Boozer in him. Solid size, solid athleticism, well rounded game still with plenty of upside. Probably not a star, but a very safe pick and He is probably in my top 3 of guys I guarantee will be solid starters, with Sullinger and Barnes


1. Kanter- Its going to be such a gut check whoever drafts him, with next to nothing but Hype and his workouts to base it off. A little undersized, and not an above the rim player, which makes it all the scarier to draft him. But his underage production is unheard of, and by all acounts he is a true bulldog inside. True Centers are the toughest thing to find, and I think he goes top 5.

2. Lucas Nogiera- I think he would be the ideal pick for a team with a lotto pick who doesnt need help next year. a Perfect pick and stash player. On phyiscal potential, easily top 10 in the class at the toughest position to find. Towers over Dwight Howard, with freakish arms, and may still be growing. Needs to gain a TONN of weight, but appears to have the frame. Still very much a kid, but Id assume he would be very very impressive when he measures out. Think a younger Hassaan Whiteside without the character concerns.

3. Jonas Valunicias- Know nothing about him, but saw a youtube. Big, brute, can shoot it a bit and moves ok. Could be a Gortat.

4. Renardo Sidney- Kid is an immense talent in more way than one. I think how he interviews will be very very important, and what he weighs in at. He isn't just an upside guy, he is a hell of a basketball player right now, with the size to translate if he gets in shape. You cant help but wonder what he could be if he works hard, at the toughest position to find talent at. It might happen in the second round, but no way he goes undrafted.

5. Jajuan Johnson- I think he is a C, but he actually gets brownie points because he has some potential at Pf too. Solid length, decent athlete, really come around as a player. Ready to scrap. If Theo Ratliff and Sam Dalembert stick around the league forever, dont see why Johnson can't find a good spot for himself.

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I think both Jimmer and

I think both Jimmer and Brandon Knight should be ranked ahead of Nolan Smith. Although Smith has been beast this year, I don't see him as a true point in the league and should probably be ranked with SG's. I wouldn't mind my Bulls drafting him late first though.

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I don't think Barnes is as

I don't think Barnes is as far off as people think, and he's more suited to the NBA game than college to boot. I personally would make him the number one for SFs, but I'd settle with 2nd behind P. Jones; I don't think Terrence can match Barnes' clutch play and defensive prowess.

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from canesboy's list i can

from canesboy's list i can see that we really see a lot of guys playing different positions then the other person does

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The only problem I have is

The only problem I have is with Trey Thompkins he is a offensive minded PF who is well rounded and possibly the most polished big man in this class. A poor mans Speights? So he is gonna average less then 15 minutes and not even pull down 3.5 rebounds?

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My only Nit pick is Perry

My only Nit pick is Perry Jones hasn't shown he is capable of being a starting NBA SF. He lacks alot of things in that area but he has shown he can be a face up 4. Kemba has dropped as the season has gone on and Jordan Hamilton should switch places with Burk

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Perry Jones

I just dont understand the need to make him a SF. Its overkill to me. He still has elite size for a PF, plus otherworldly athleticism. Just put him by the basket, let him reak havoc. He would be a nightmare to guard driving from the high post.

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wtf is the antione

wtf is the antione walker/david west mold(derrick williams)??? you really cannot get any more different than those 2 players...

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does anyone else feel

does anyone else feel Singleton is kind of similar to Al thornton or Thad Young?

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brandon knight @5 on pg

brandon knight @5 on pg position? no way. brandon knight is really underated

knight is phenom in High School, 2 times gatorade HS player of the year(only lebron and oden did that, both concenceus #1 pick overall). knight freshman stint in college is also impressive 18pts 4 reb 4 ast, 40% from 3 (whats tyreke evans, derrict rose, john wall freshman stats under coach cal? its almost the same). 40% from 3 as freshman thats impresive, ray allen and step curry also shoot 40% from 3 in college as freshman. hes the best freshman scorer in kentucky, he already brooke rex chapman manny 20 pt scoring in every game as freshman. the potential on this kid was very high

hes the youngest college player in this coming draft, in the last 2 years, jrue holiday and derrict favors are the youngest player on their batch, despite the horible 8/3/3 freshman numbers by holiday he still pick at mid 1st round, favors pick at #3 overall. brandon knight freshman stint is better than holiday and favors.

i dont buy this knight rank in this coming draft, on this site or in any other sites that he will drop at mid 1st round pick. if thats happen on draft day, nba GM's are stupid to pass him. he has a size to play pg/sg in the nba, already an nba body, he has an nba 3-pt range, he can play defense too.

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Perry Jones

People want him to play the 3 because he has rebounded and defended very poorly as a big in college, and playing in the NBA will exacerbate those issues. He will not get big minutes at the 4 in the NBA without proving that he is at least as tough down low as Chris Bosh. He also looks like he is a jump shot and a lot of experience away from being able to be a productive 3. I wouldn't take him #1, but he does have a lot of potential.

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He hasn't rebounded poorly as

He hasn't rebounded poorly as a four. Do you remember Greg Monroe as a freshman? Most freshmen big men who are in the NBA don't average a bunch of rebounds as freshmen

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Maybe I'm crazy, but isn't

Maybe I'm crazy, but isn't Honeycutt a small forward?

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Of all the possible concerns

Of all the possible concerns about Perry Jones, rebounding is not on the list. He gets on the offensive glass as well as anyone. He has five fewer offensive rebounds than Tristan Thompson over fifteen Big 12 games (Thompson is leading the league in offensive rebounding). It is much ado about nothing. A person shouldn't get caught up in defensive rebounds when the job is getting done by the team. Baylor has a plus differential in conference play in rebounding, and even bigger differential overall.

If he comes out, I'd be concerned about the fact he has not showed much of a jump shot. Even when inside, he isn't finishing especially well. He is coming from a zone scheme, which always concerns me for NBA prospects. I think the guy plays like a freshman. He is deferring to his older teammates, which isn't a big deal for an 18-year old but is if he is a top five pick in the draft. I appreciate that the guy can still find a way to be useful when he is off the ball because if he can't shoot he won't have the ball in his hands much in the NBA. Then again, for where he is projected he plays a lot like John Henson. I don't think Henson merits top five consideration and don't think he is ready to be much help to an NBA team next year, so I really don't think Jones should necessarily be up there either.

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