Top Point Guards in this years draft

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Top Point Guards in this years draft

Right here is a list I made of the top 20 PG's in this years draft. It's the John Wall and everybody else group. This years PG class is weaker than some in the past and has plenty of question marks after Wall. I'm a big fan of Greivis Vasquez and Denis Clemente. Vasquez brings size and has played well for 4 years in the ACC. Clemente is lightning quick and has the ability to score in bunches(ask Texas). Willie Warren dissapointed this year but he did have a good freshmen year so maybe that can still get him in the 1st round after being a projected top-10 pick. We may have only about 4 PG's drafted in the first round but at least 8-9 should be picked up in the second. Here are the top 20:

1. John Wall 6'4 Kentucky
2. Armon Johnson 6'3 Nevada
3. Greivis Vasquez 6'5 Maryland
4. Eric Bledsoe 6'0 Kentucky
5. Willie Warren 6'4 Oklahoma
6. Denis Clemente 6'0 Kansas St
7. Terrico White 6'5 Mississippi
8. Sherron Collins 5'11 Kansas
9. Scottie Reynolds 6'1 Villanova
10. Jon Scheyer 6'5 Duke
11. Jeremy Lin 6'4 Harvard
12. Jerome Randle 5'10 California
13. Nemenja Gordic 6'4 Bosnia
14. Devan Downey 5'9 South Carolina
15. Tommy Mason-Griffin 5'10 Oklahoma
16. Trevon Hughes 6'1 Wiconsin
17. Marquez Haynes 6'3 Texas-Arlington
18. AJ Slaughter 6'3 Western Kentucky
19. Nic Wise 5'10 Arizona
20. Ishmael Smith 6'0 Wake Forest

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half of those guys easily can

half of those guys easily can be undrafted.

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Your so hammered. Ive known

Your so hammered. Ive known Armon since middle school and i love the guy but he is not the 2nd best pg available. you dont have Mikael Torrence or Matt Boulden on that list of scrubs anywhere?

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No Mikhail Torrence or Alexey

No Mikhail Torrence or Alexey Shved? Both guys should be in the 6 spot, knocking down Clemente to the 8th spot. And this is coming from a Kansas State fan

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