Top Point Guards

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Top Point Guards

The point guard poistion is the deepest and to me is the best position in the nba and i want to know who yall top 10 point guards are ?and who was the best rookie point guard this season i consider tyreke a shooting guard in the role of d-wade one who keeps the ball in his hand but who ae yall top ten point guards?

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1. Deron Williams 2. Chris

1. Deron Williams
2. Chris Paul
3. Steve Nash
- Derrick Rose
- Rajon Rondo
6. Chauncey Billups
7. Russell Westbrook
8. Tony Parker
9. Jason Kidd
10. Gilbert Arenas

I still can't decide who I like better between Rose and Rondo, so I'll just say it's a tie. I love Rose's size, athleticism and ability to take over games offensively... But I love the way Rondo passes, rebounds, defends and controls the game at an elite level.

I think the best rookie point guard was Stephen Curry.

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CP3 Deron Nash Rose Rondo Bes


Best rookie PG: Brandon Jennings
Stephen Curry is a good passer but Brandon Jenning's court vision is ridiculously good.

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In No order, Rajon

Top Ten

1. Deron Williams
2. Steve Nash
3. Chris Paul
4. Derrick Rose \ These two are tough
5. Rajon Rondo /
6. Chauncey billups
7. Russel WestBrook
8. Jason kidd
9. Tony Parker
10. Aaron brooks

Best rookie pg- Brandon jennings

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Right now: 1. Chris Paul -

Right now:

1. Chris Paul - yes he was injured for much of this year but when healthy he is still the cream of the crop.
2. Deron Williams - defense gives him the edge over Nash.
3. Steve Nash - Still one of the most efficient points in the league.
4. Derrick Rose - Getting better by the month. His assist numbers should increase next year when the Bulls get him some help.
5. Rajon Rondo - still needs to work on his shot but these playoffs have proved he's legit.
6. Chauncey Billups - Still good defensively and a clutch scorer and playmaker.
7. Russell Westbrook - Extremely athletic and explosive. Sky is the limit for him.
8. Tony Parker - terrific at getting into the paint. A true floor general and leader.
9. Jason Kidd - Getting old but still an excellent passer and rebounder with solid defensive ability.
10. Stephen Curry - gets the nod over Jameer Nelson, Devin Harris and Gilbert Arenas. More efficient than Arenas, more athletic and a better passer than Nelson and a better shooter than Harris. Also has the tools to be a better defender than all of them.

I also think Curry was the best rookie PG this year.

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1.Deron Williams- chris paul

1.Deron Williams- chris paul has been injured but he's been a terror for everyone all year i think he has leap frog him for #1
2.Chris paul- been injured but when he healthy u can deny his talent
3.Rajon Rondo- he had gotten better every year and improve on something once he gets that jumpshot skys the limit
4.Derrick Rose- one of my favorite players only 21 so he got years to improve best scoring point guard best point leapers since steve francis.
5.Steve Nash-dude is an all time great for the positon and is still the man at the age of 36 and 2 time MVP
6.Chauncey Billups- was a journeyman in the beginngin of his career he made a fan of me when he won finals MVP 2004.
7.Russell Westbrook- When the thuner draftin him over jerryd bayless i was like that was very stupid know im lookin like the dummy he is a way better passer than i thought and an a great defender and a terrfic scorer skys the limit for him.
8.Jason Kidd-one of the best point guards of all time and arguably the best floor general of all time his best years are behind him but he still can play even though he's 37.
9.Gilbert Arenas- made a stupid descion but he still can flat out ball a better passer than he's given and if he got back tough he can be higher.
10. Tony Parker- had a down year with the emergence of geroge hill but he gets the paint like no there and what guy wouldnt want his wife

honorable Mention- Aaron Brooks a great scorer for his height and a guy who wants to win but not being a great playmaker is holding him back

Best Rookie Pg:Brandon Jennings is quickly becoming one of my favorite player i been a fan since i seen him play in high school and he will prove he deserve more rookie of the year votes next year just watch. Darren Collison was phenomenal when CP3 was and will be a starter one day. Stephen Curry was better than i thought he would be

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1. CP3 - Best overall 2.

1. CP3 - Best overall
2. DWill - He's not the best, just got hyped more recently
3. Rondo - Now only if he could shoot...
4. Nash - Still going
5. Billups - Still underrated
6. Rose - SOOOO explosive but still needs to develop better vision
7. Westbrook - Who says he can't pass?
8.Curry - Most 30 and 10 games for a rookie, best court vision for a rookie(watch he and jennings side by side), best overall passer, best shooting PG out there and only a rookie
9. Kidd - Overall still effective
10.Arenas - Good year before deciding to be a dumb shi*

I cant put Jennings here simply cause he couldn't even crack 41% shooting, no... just no....

Brooks was good as well and Parker to me fell a bit not even considering the injury

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next years top point

next years top point guards

1. rodrigue beaubois
2. everyone else

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i agree dwill paul then

i agree dwill paul then rondo...i still cant understand why rose would be over rondo because the only thing he does more of is score. rondo is a better defender,passer,rebounder and scores just as much if he needs to( when paul was being locked up by lebron and ray was putting up basic numbers). Actually i might have nash a lil above or even or a lil below rondo. after that anyone can go anywhere.. rose next or westbrook next etc

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Rondo can score, but let's

Rondo can score, but let's not say he can score just as much as Rose if he needs to. He's not the scorer Rose is nor can he score in the ways that Rose can. Rose can take over a game and put a team on his shoulders offensively... And this is on a Bulls team that is weak offensively... Which means Rose doesn't really have anybody to take the attention off of him.

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1. Chris Paul- Can score,

1. Chris Paul- Can score, pass, take over games, and is a better defender (they are even on the ball, but Paul is better off the ball) than Deron Williams.

2.Deron Williams- Best pick-and-roll player out there. Strong as hell, and a nice shooter. Finishes well at the rim. Not quite a very good defender, but decent. Just slightly below CP3 at everything except post up ability and pick-and-roll play.

3.Steve Nash- Had something of a resurgence this year. Can pass and shoot with the best. Also very vocal and a great leader. Tough as nails. Not a good defender for the most part though.

4.Rajon Rondo- Unbelievably good at every aspect of basketball, except shooting. And that's not as bad as most think.

5.Derrick Rose- Freak athlete can score and if he had better teammates he'd drop more dimes. Has the best floater in the game IMO, and breaks ankles.

6.Chauncey Billups- Too strong to stop from creating for most PG's. And an elite shooter and defender. Best post game of any PG in the game

7.Tony Parker- Not a high assist guy and in slowing down a little, but he can still get to the rim and finish super well.

8.Russell Westbrook- A little too turnover prone and raw for him to be higher, but he's definitely elite. Can create for anyone and is a great defender. Also slowly getting a jumper.

9.Jason Kidd- Still an elite playmaker, and he became an elite shooter this year. Not quite a scorer or a laockdown defender, but he's decent at both for the most part.

10.Brandon Jennings- Stats don't really show how much of an impact he had for the Bucks. No way they make the playoffs without him.

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thats the only thing rose has

thats the only thing rose has shown to do more of..score..which is why its a no brainer to pick rondo because he brings more to the table and can score 20 a game when needed( did it last year in the first round when they needed it and this year as well) and he makes others better which is much more important for youre pg to do then score(when you think top pg you think magic and stockton 2 guys who can score but are past first players)

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1. Deron Williams , as of now

1. Deron Williams , as of now best pg in the league due to CP3's injury
2. Chris Paul, Number 2 because of injury
3. Derrick Rose, IMO has more responsibility then Nash and Rondo just because he is the bulls 1 option and chi has no one who steps up to help and he still avg 20 and 6 and he also got better every month and his assist will go up next year once he gets help
- Steve Nash age isnt nothing but a number
- Rajon Rondo it helps having three teammates who can win games making other teams respect them but he showed me he is a top flight pg
6. Chauncey Billups disappointed me in the playoffs
7. Russell Westbrook up in coming pg
8. Tony Parker when healthy is a top 5 pg
9. Jason Kidd i guess he is on this list but to me he was a little overrated this season and his age is showing
10. Devin Harris when healthy a top ten pg

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No way in hell Chris Paul is a better on-the-ball defender than Deron Williams.

Watch him bug the hell out of Chris Paul, or COMPLETELY shut down Brandon Roy (before his injury).

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