top point guard for 2014 draft

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top point guard for 2014 draft

i think people are sleeping on this guy Semaj Christon i know everyone is on the marcus smart bandwagon as the top point guard for 2014 but i have watched a bunch of his games and he reminds me of a smaller john wall he's got great handles is super quick and he has good form on his jumpshot i predict he will be a top 5 pick if he comes out in 2014 check this video out

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Good post , he is a sleeper

Good post , he is a sleeper averaging 15 and 4 is big especially for a fresh even tho he prepped a year . Got invite to lebron could make some noise but i don't think he's top pg next year

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Marcus Smart and Andrew

Marcus Smart and Andrew Harrison

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Seems like one of those guys

Seems like one of those guys that just really have a great feel for the game. I'll be looking out for him.

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He's not the top

He's not the top PG prospect but people on this site are sleeping on him. There was a post the other day about top 5 prospects at each position and christon wasn't even mentioned the whole thread which is ridiculous. Luckily nba scouts aren't sleeping on guys like christon and embiid

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I mentioned him in the

I mentioned him in the thread...

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I really like Semaj!

I really like Semaj!... I have made plenty of threads about him.

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Semaj will more then likely

Semaj will more then likely be a top 3 pg pick. Nba scouts are buzzing about him. He has the size,athleticism and feel for the game to get drafted high. He will probably be in the 20's when the mocks draft come out. Hopefully he can move up during the season. He is the Goods.

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Never even heard of the guy

Never even heard of the guy until the 2014 mock draft came up on the main page so yes I assume people are sleeping on him haha

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Remember the name

Markel Starks

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