Top NBA Players "G"

1. Kevin Garnett
2. George Gervin
3. Hal Greer
4. Artis Gilmore
5. Pau Gasol
6. Gail Goodrich
7. Manu Ginobili
8. Richie Guerin
9. Horace Grant
10. Blake Griffin

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Fairly stacked

Fairly stacked towards the top with Garnett, Gervin, Greer, and Gilmore! Love that Horace Grant got some love on this list as well. He's such a winner. Tough decision at the top with Garnett vs Gervin.

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Yea four time champ, hard to

Yea four time champ, hard to leave Grant out.

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nice list. More talent here

nice list. More talent here then in the last couple of letters

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Marc Gasol

Marc Gasol over Blake Griffin??? Blake is more popular but I would take Marc

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Pretty solid list. I can't

Pretty solid list. I can't think of anyone that isn't on there.

2-3 years time and Paul George will be on there.

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Two players who I loved but

Two players who I loved but don't actually deserve to be anywhere close to this list:

Kendall Gill and Gordan Giricek.

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I liked Gill a lot

I liked Gill a lot too.

12,941 career points, lead the league in steals in 98-99, 1500 career steals.

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