Top Freshman Jon Severe

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Top Freshman Jon Severe

6'3 guard Jon Severe is one of the top freshman in the entire country but we don't hear much about him because he plays in the Atlantic 10 conference. Severe is a kid that had a few high major offers when coming out of high school but choose to attend Fordham University in order to stay close to home. He is a New York City kid. He obviously is not on the NBA radar currently but he is a name to keep in the back of your head in the future. He is averaging nearly 21 points per game. His main strength is scoring. He is quick off of the dribble as well and can go right or left. Shooting the 3 ball is his best asset on offense.He is shooting 40% from long distance. Which could improve if he had better shot selectiong. Fordham's coaching staff allows him to take some really questionable shots at times. His playmaking could also improve as well as his defensive awareness and intensity. He is a prospect to look out for in the future. Possibly by his Junior Year he could have NBA teams tracking him.

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yea i like Severe, he had

yea i like Severe, he had some good offers coming out of HS and was ranked in the top150..does this mean he was definitely on the nba radar? No. And maybe choosing Fordham wasnt the best place to be seen on national tv,national scene,etc. But if he continues to be 1 of those guys from a small school who puts up huge numbers like that, then I dont see any reason why he wont get some nba looks in the future

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I heard about this kid on the

I heard about this kid on the AAU circuit putting up good scoring lines, but have only seen 1 game of his and that was the 'Cuse game. Didn't look too bad, but nothing about him screamed NBA prospect. Really confident, decent handle, some shot-creating ability. Undersized for a 2, a little wild and his athleticism wasn't notable. Nothing that I saw made me want to follow up on him.

Some of his lines look pretty amazing in a bad way though. 1-21 vs St John's? Kid must have no conscience.

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has a really nice shot from

has a really nice shot from three, but really inconsistent and the game against st. johns was as bad as any I've seen. he has more of a green light than marshall henderson and next year he could lead the country in scoring with the rams losing branden frazier and his 19ppg.

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