Top Five Pick Next Year (if season played)?

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Top Five Pick Next Year (if season played)?

Out of any of the current top five projected teams picking, if Sullinger declares, what franchise has the most to lose by not selecting him?

A) Minnesota- Williams, Love, Sullinger & Co.

B) Cleveland- Irving, Thompson, Sullinger & Co.

C) Toronto- Derozan, Baragnani, Sullinger & Co.

D) Wasington- Wall, Vesely, Sullinger & Co.

E) Sacramento- Fredette, Cousins, Sullinger & Co.

Anyone of those teams, selecting again will become very durable in the front court for many seasons to come. Where does he best fit on any roster in the league if he cpould be dropped in the line-up?

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Doing too much

You sound like a Sullinger groupie..

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I doubt those teams will even

I doubt those teams will even have the worst record. The Bobcats have got to have one of the depleted rosters in all of sports right now with there best player being a rookie (Kemba). Don't be surprised if a team like the Hornets end up with one of the worst records as well.

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I like the couple Irving and

I like the couple Irving and Sullinger or Wall Sullinger

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I like the wizards with

I like the wizards with sullinger. It seems that him and mcgee would cover eachothers weak spots well and be one hell of a tough post tandem to deal with. That team would be so sick. Especially if they can get some nice pieces for andray blatche.

Wall, Mack

Young, Crawford

Vesely, Howard

Sully, Lewis

Mcgee, Booker


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I'd Say the bobcats will have

I'd Say the bobcats will have a pretty horrific season and would be right up there with the worst of those teams in the lottery (assuming there's even a season)... so if sullinger is the best prospect available by the time the draft rolls around, they would be wise to select him...

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The combo of Tristan Thompson

The combo of Tristan Thompson and Sullinger would be the best fit, Thompson's long shot blocking ability, athleticisism, and minimum post moves would fit well with Sullingers large body, back to the basket, and advanced skill setdown low. Plus if Sullingers legnd grows, maybe he can be the home town hero Cleavland is dieing for.

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If this thread died, no one would come to its funeral. They wouldn't even notice...

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The only team on that list that desperatley needs a PF is WSH..and I like Mcgee and Sullimger compliments each other.

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Minnesota loses their pick to the Clippers next year, thanks to that [email protected]$$ McHale trading it AND Sam Cassell for...Marko Jaric, who's really only remembered for having a hot girlfriend here in MN.

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