Top college players who won't declare for the 2014 NBA Draft

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Top college players who won't declare for the 2014 NBA Draft

The 2014 NBA draft is being heralded as one of the best in recent memory due to star potential and overall depth. Obviously, not all of the players who contribute to that assumption will end up entering the draft due to a variety of reasons. My question who do you think won't enter this draft and why?

Here's a rough list of guys off the top of my head:

Joel Embiid - C - Too raw, plain and simple.
Kuran Iverson - SF - Will either under perform or have his intangibles questioned enough to make teams disinterested in him.
Marcus Lee - PF - Kentucky: Too raw and will struggle for playing time in a stacked team.
Mitch McGary - PF/C - Michigan: I think he'll develop as a player but won't have memorable performances like the 2013 NCAA tourney which will cause his stock to take a hit.
Dario Saric - SF/PF - International: He withdrew because he allegedly wanted to be a lottery pick, if that wasn't going to happen last draft how can it be expected to happen in 2014.

That's a really small list but it'd be interested to see what others think.

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Dante Exum - I think that he

Dante Exum - I think that he would want to play at least 1 year of college ball.

James Young and Dakari Johnson - because I believe they will be sitting on the bench more then they would like and would want to stay and be veterans will the incoming freshman the next year.

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If we are going by's mock draft I do not have Kaleb tarczewski going anywhere near the top 10 in such a stacked draft. He is a tall strong player, but he is not athletic and doesn't have long arms. Without those qualities he was never an effective defensive player in the pac 12 and constantly got into foul trouble. Also a lot of people call him skilled when I never saw that. He has bad hands(constantly fumbled the ball) and has very few post moves.

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Dante Exum I grew up with

Dante Exum
I grew up with this guy. He went to my highschool, he was best mates with a close friend of mine. He is a true baller. One of the best Australia has ever produced. But he wants to play college ball. He was complaining bad last time he was back in Aus because the Tar Heels hadnt pursued him much at all and he wanted to follow in his fathers path. I dont see him in next years draft. 2015 he will be a top 5 pick though.

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Jabari Parker

Definitely going on a limb saying Jabari will return to Duke for his sophomore year, but he's that type of kid, and Duke is that type of program, so it kinda makes sense. He still can do his Mormon Mission also (although that seems unlikely). We all know Jabari is not your typical ball player. Seems like the type that actually wants to use college for more than just a platform to the NBA. Basically...he could end up becoming this years Marcus Smart.

Real quick...have to disagree with Mitch McGary staying another year. First of all...he def should of came out after his freshman year. His stock was super high, and I can't see it improving much more than it already was, considering the strength of the 2014 draft. He's already 21, so by the time the draft rolls around, he'll be 22 and not getting any younger. Should prob strike while the iron's hot.

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I honestly cannot see LeBryan

I honestly cannot see LeBryan Nash coming out after his Jr. year. Nash isn't the player we thought he would become after the 1 year of expected leap to the NBA. In my humble opinion I think he may go undrafted.

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Brandon Dawson SF Michigan

Brandon Dawson SF Michigan St
Chane Behannen, PF Louisville
Semaj Christon, PG Xavier
Spencer Dinwiddie, SG Colorado

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James Young is a good as gone

James Young is a good as gone after his 1st year. I go to school in Detroit and when James was at Rochester he told one of my friends that he plans on being one and done. Plus with the recruits that Cal gets may force him out, sort of like Goodwin. But Young is a much better Goodwin, he's a top 15 lock imo if he has a decent freshman season.

One guy who I think could stay is James McAdoo, he may want to earn his degree now since he's a junior. If not I could see him slip into the second round.

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The main reason that Joel Embiid won't declare is...

He won't be starting.

KU Starting 5 is looking like:

PG: Nadiir Tharpe
SG: Wayne Selden
SF: Andrew Wiggins
PF: Perry Ellis
C: Tarik Black (a lot of people forgetting about this guy, biggest transfer of the offseason choosing KU over Duke)

Bill Self will prefer Black because he is a senior with more experience, JoJo will be great coming off the bench and as a sophomore he will be ready to put up monster numbers. I think his draft stock increases if he stays another year. We need to remember that he has been playing basketball for only 2 years.

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Kentucky players

James Young is almost certain to go pro, he'll play plenty as the 6th man. Obviously Julius Randle, Andrew Harrison, and WIllie Cauley-Stein are going to be gone, as they are all nearly locks for the lottery.

Aaron Harrison, Dakari Johnson, and Marcus Lee are all guys who (talent-wise) should be on any list of top players likely to not enter the 2014 draft.

If UK somehow signs Dante Exum, I'd say he's more than likely going pro in 2014 as well.

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Wayne Selden Joel

Wayne Selden
Joel Embiid
Dakari Johnson
Rasheed Sulaimon

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Greg Whittington, Josh Smith,

Greg Whittington, Josh Smith, Laquinton Ross, Kris Dunn, Arnaud Adala Moto, Noah Vonleh, Kyle Anderson, ans Semaj Criston just to name a few....

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Aaron Gordon will return,

Aaron Gordon will return, undersized and too raw at this point. Stuck between positions as well.

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I hope he doesn't end up like

I hope he doesn't end up like McAdoo.

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