Top College PG

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Top College PG

Who is the best PG in College Basketball?

  • Kendall Marshall, North Carolina
  • Myck Kabongo, Texas
  • Marquis Teague, Kentucky
  • Tony Wroten, Washington
  • Dion Waiters, Syracuse
  • Damon Lilliard, Weber State
  • Scott Machado, Iona
  • Dee Bost, Mississippi State
  • Ian Miller, Florida State

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That's a pretty weak class

1. Machado

2. Wroten

3. Lilliard

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Wroten and Waiters are more SG's than PG's

I'm not quite sure I'd put Wroten as a PG. He's more of SG than a PG. Same with Waiters. So i'll keep those two off my list. I would put Machado #1 but since he plays for a small school, that plays against weaker competition his stats might be be somewhat skewed, same goes for Lillard.

1. Myck Kabongo

2. Kendall Marshall

3. Marquis Teague

4. Scott Machado

5. Damian Lillard

6. Dee Bost

7 Ian Miller

If I were to count Wroten and Waiters as PG's instead of SG's Wroten would have 4th and Waiters right behind him.

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Wroten is a PG who is playing

Wroten is a PG who is playing SG becuase he often plays with Gaddy.

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I believe that will hinder him as a prospect, but hopefully scouts will revert back to Reke Havoc as a collegiate 2 & not penalize him.

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Russ smith is a surprise

Russ smith is a surprise

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Someone who I think everyone

Someone who I think everyone is sleeping on and who I think will be one of the best players in college in a couple years is Michigan's PG Trey Burke.

Kid can do it all and with Mitch McGary as his big man next year I can see Michigan being one of the favorites in the tournament especially if Tim Hardaway Jr. stays another year.

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Teague or Napier

Teague or Napier

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Kendall Marshall as a player,

Kendall Marshall as a player, but not as a prospect.

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Kendall Marshall is the best

Kendall Marshall is the best PG in college hoops right now.

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As far as playing and

As far as playing and producing you gotta go with Napier,Machado,Marshall,Burke

Far as potential that's easy....Teague

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Right now it's Napier. I

Right now it's Napier. I think Wroten is going to be the best of them all though.

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