Top centers

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Top centers

Who do you have as your top ten centers in the NBA and why?

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I'll give it a shot

1. Dwight Howard- Duh

2. Andrew Bynum- If he stays healthy this is a no brainer as well

3. Marc Gasol- Best yr so far- all star apperance

4. Tyson Chandler- A team first guy who will rebound and play help side D

5. Al Horford- I think he should be a PF but the Hawks have never played him there so...

6. Brook Lopez- Great scorer, but wheres the rebounds big fella?

7. Joakim Noah- Great energy, Defense and Rebounding. Suprisingly good passing big man.

8. Chris Kaman- Underrated cuz the Hornets are desperatly trying to trade him.

9. Roy Hibbert- First all star apperance this year. Playing very well.

10. Greg Monroe- The high point for the Pistons this yr is how this guy is playing.

11. Honorable Mention- Nene

*People who I considered PF but do play some Center so I could understand why you might put them in: Amare, Dirk, Duncan, Lee, Aldridge, Love, Griffin (does he play some C?), Pau and maybe some more that I'm missing

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wow a top Ten list, this will be fun...



Marc Gasol

Tyson Chandler

Joakim Noah

Roy Hibbert

Brook Lopez

Demarcus Cousins

Greg Monroe

Kendrick Perkins

Chris Kaman

Emeka Okefor

D Andre Jordan

Spencer Hawes

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forgot about Nene and Gortat

I'd put them in between Hibbert and Lopez

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al jefferson

what about AL, dude is averaging 19 ppg and 9rpg.

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Are we talking about just this year or since they've been in the league because I dont see Andrew Boguts name next to a number 3

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howard, bynum, lopez, gasol,

howard, bynum, lopez, gasol, noah, nene, cousins, hibbert, monroe, bogut (low because of injuries). In that order. I'm looking for cousins to sneak in ahead of gasol and maybe lopez next year, as he is currently breaking out. Monroe should also start climbing the list in years to come, reminds me of old school brad miller. Anybody who doesn't have demarcus cousins on their list hasn't watched him play this year.

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I cant add an Injured Center to my list

And I left out Duncan, Garnett, Horford and Jefferson because they are all Pf's playing out of position

My next Centers in are Camby, Mcgee, Dalembert, Robin Lopez, Haywood, Pekovic and Darko...

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Can Marcin Gortat get some

Can Marcin Gortat get some love? 16 points, 10 rebounds, 1.5 blocks

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Top C's
  • Dwight - He can do things athletically that other people can't
  • Gasol - Has the ability to play the high post and low post, he can facilitate and has good range for a C
  • Bynum - Still learning how to pass out of double teams, length and size are unmatched tho. health is always a concern...
  • Demarcus Cousins - his combination of size, and foot speed causes matchup problems every night. He reads the game defensively better than most and his offense is coming along quickly. Athletically he can dominate.
  • Al Jefferson - Awkward but effective, his herky jerky moves and floaters are deceptive but you can throw the ball into him, tell him to go to work and he'll get you 20&15. He works hard on both ends and runs the court well for any big.
  • Greg Monroe - Skills around the hoop are impressive. He finishes very well and can knock down the midrange J. He can pass w/ the best of them and he has a knack for making plays.
  • Chris Kaman - Offensively he can do it all, midrange, post up, pass out of doubles, draw doubles. Defensively he won't challenge everything and at times it looks like he is saving energy for his offense. He boards well though.
  • Marcin Gortat -
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Great to see Marc Gasol

Great to see Marc Gasol finally getting some love..I remember seeing him when he was in high school in Memphis, when Pau was with the Grizzlies..He was a fat,out of shape kid that had a good feel for the game, could pass & rebound well,took his time getting up & down the court..He had that mean streak,you want from a big man......I thought he'll be a nice college player,that could help a team..but never imagined he'll become a all star....

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For me as of right now, not

For me as of right now, not talking about f.ex. Horford and Bogut which is out, (I think he is great when healty)

My top 10

Dwight, just cause he makes a team defensively.

Bynum, he got such a nice touch for a 7 footer, (Pau Gasol could really go for a C aswell but he is playing PF atm, which raises another problem that their arent many real Cs in the league but PFs playing C like Horford, Nene, Bargnani, etc.)

Marc Gasol, such a great passer and is even bether when playing in the high post with Zach Randolph down low.

Hibbert, he is a real C almost every team in the league would want him and i think the 4 allstar Cs should come first in my rankings.

Chandler, could make a case of him being better than Hibbert and should have been an allstar but his offensive game is so limited even tho he is shooting an insane fg%.

Cousins, he is just a beast both scoring and rebounding. He is even a skilled passer which is something thats Sacramento dosent have plenty off.

Monroe, i think his reasent tear is just amazing he is produsing at a high lvl but i couldent but him in front of Cousins who killed him in their matchup.

Noah, got kind of lost lattely but is the backbone of the great Bulls defense, even with Deng out. One of the big reasons the bulls just suffocate opposing offences. Even tho he is limited offensively.

Pekovic, might have been one of the best Cs in february and deserving of a spot on my list as of right now. 17 and 10 wow, amazing. And thats with Love pulling down all those boards, really nice combo wolves got there up front. Great hands for catching rubios passes.

Gortat, i think the polish hammer is doing great atm playing for the suns with Nash, has really expanded his game it just wasent fair having him backing up Dwight.

(I left out f.ex. nene, cause he is just injured, and i really think he should be playing PF, maybe Monroe and Cousnins could play PF aswell but atm i think they are better off for their teams playing Cs.)

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Great lists out there

Here is mine,

  1. Dwight Howard - If only he could develop a post move. But he is game changer anyway.
  2. Andrew Bynum - When healthy he is a force down there, great skill, good post defender.
  3. Marc Gasol - He is one of the best centers in the league due to his defense, his passing skills and his high motor. Great to see that the middle brother is finally writing his own history. Where are the Pau Gasol's to the L.A. Lakers trade hatters? Memphis knew they have a gem in this guy and he is paying that confidence every game.
  4. Joakim Noah - High motor, a ton of energy, great ability to run the floor and make passes. Great haircut btw
  5. Tyson Chandler - Great defense and a good finisher round the rim.
  6. D. Cousins - I saw him playing against the Bulls and I was amazed by his aggressiveness in the post, scoring at will sometimes. Good rebounder. Someday he could crack in the top five, but he has to calm down a little bit, because he is a foul prone sometimes.
  7. Roy Hibbert - He is a bit underrated but he is a great player for a winning team.
  8. Greg Monroe - He's being playing great for a bad team.
  9. Andrew Bogut - He could be way up in the list, but he is injury prone. When healthy I think he is a top 5 center.
  10. D. Jordan - OK, maybe I get some hatters, but guys, Deandre can play. As long as he develops a jumpshot he could be one of the best centers in the league.

Honorable mention: Nene: Good undersized center, Chris Kaman: It's a pitty he plays for a bad team; Marcin Gortat: Another good player playing for a lossing team. Great numbers.

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Depends on the definition,

Depends on the definition, because Duncan, Monroe, Pau, Horford, Nene, and now even Garnett are basically playing the 5 a good deal of time.

If you include them: Howard, Pau, Duncan, M. Gasol, Monroe, Bogut, Bynum, Hibbert, Horford, and Lopez. If not, Howard, M. Gasol, Bogut, Bynum, Hibbert, Lopez, Cousins, Jefferson, Gortat, and Chandler.

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Wow I have always thought of

Wow I have always thought of Centers as the weakest position in the NBA. I never realized how many solid centers there are in the NBA right now.

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Maybe we shud move on to age

Maybe we shud move on to age they are pretty weak too

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