top 5 things that the city of cleveland should do to give lebron payback. lol

5- Rename the street he lives in Le'brun Lane.

4-Increase taxes by 25 percent on people making more than 14 million a year for the city of Akron.

3-during home games vs. the heat create a 5 minute video on the jumbo screen on the good times of the cavs without any lebron footage. (will be done anyway but will look funny since he was the cavs.

2-donate all number 23 jerseys from cleveland to the poor in the southeast. (reclaim losses through taxes).

1-You guys and girls have fun with this one!!

add the number one best thing.

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“After that, I just kept

“After that, I just kept playing basketball and didn’t really stop playing,” Gibson continued. “I just kept playing in local tournaments. Like Thib told me, ‘Just keep playing. Don’t worry about it; just find a way to keep playing.’ And it’s been great.”gsafdada

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