Top 5 point guards

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Top 5 point guards

With such an interesting debate going on over who is the best PF in the league right now, why not make it a little bit more interesting with arguably the games most important position. What would be your top 5?

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Rose Paul Rondo Nash Williams






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After watching the Celtics /

After watching the Celtics / Thunder game last week, Westbrook looked better defensively and was hitting daggar tre's from deep. I like the same list but with Westbrook instead of Rondo

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1a. Paul while he doesnt put

1a. Paul while he doesnt put up the flashy stats i dont think any player can impact the flow of the game like Paul he is great at picking his spots and putting his teammates in good positions to score not to mention he is #1 in steals.

1b. Rose this guy is a freak. He is super athletic and is cold blooded. He is the only point guard that has competitive fire that Paul has. He also keeps improving his game and shows a hunger to be the best.

3. Williams he is currently on a garbage basketball team and he is asked to do it all which explains his low FG% and high turnover rate. Nonetheless this is one of the best point guards in the league that has a great combo of size quickness and vision

4. Rondo i really wanted to put him ahead of williams but i couldnt do it. He isnt "the man" of his team yet and his team is also struggling as well. Rondos is a top notch defender and passer but his lack of a jump shot is keeping him from being ahead of Williams

5. Nash the feel this guy has for the game is uncanny his jump shot is money and he continues to be the ageless wonder he has maybe the worst supporting cast in the league but continues to put up double digit assists per game. His defence is whats keeping him from being higher.

honorable mention: Westbrook, Lawson, Curry, Holliday, Lowry, ]

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^^ Agree with the above


Agree with the above post

1. Chris Paul. His effect on a team is immeasurable. The only PG that can do it all at a high level; Pass, shoot, drive, rebound, defend, and does it all with efficiency with less turnovers than any of the other top PGs.

2. Derrick Rose. His athleticism, speed, strength, body control and ever improving jumper makes him the most unstoppable offensive PG in the league. The best scorer at the point in the league is also an underrated passer capable of 8-9 APG, and turns the ball over less frequently than many of the other speedy PGs in the League. Has proved capable of carrying a team.

3. Deron Williams. I feel like some people are overlooking DWill because of his and Nets struggles this year, but the team is around him is awful and he's trying to do too much. He's still more than capable of putting up around 20 PPG and close to 10 APG on an average to good team. DWill is a dangerous passer, can attack the rim with fury, and has a strength that few other PG in the league possess.

4. Rajon Rondo. A true PG, Rondo can pass, defend, and rebound with the best of them. His offensive repertoire is improving but he still needs to improve his range and FT shooting for him to get any higher up this list.

5. Steve Nash. This was a tough one for me. Nash's defence is poor enough and he's getting so old that Westbrook should be able to overtake him. But Westbrook keeps playing more and more like a shooting guard, making poor decisions, being a ball hog while playing alongside the bet scorer in the league and this year his assists have taken a huge drop as well, from 8 APG in 2010, to 8.2 APG in 2011 to just 5.6 APG this year. So I'll still give the nod to Nash. An elite passer and shooter, Nash is still able to take over a game with his court savvy and has that amazing ability to weasel his way to the basket for a layup despite a lack of speed and athleticism. His sixth sense to create for his teammates while opening up the floor up with his shooting and ability to create off the dribble are incredible. I only hope he manages to get to a good team in the next little while so that he can play for a winning team one last time before he retires.

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1. Derrick Rose-he has

1. Derrick Rose-he has improved as a pg tremendously this year. I've watched almost every game he's played in and he just looks so much smarter and is making better decisions all around. He always dominates the big time matchups (see last year: any good pg, this year 28 8 and 16 against Chris Paul) and I think he's just become to good to put Paul over him as a player.

2. Chris Paul-Honestly this is more of a 1B then a 2. He is the best decision maker I've ever seen and as a true point guard he is off the charts in every area. He really has no major weaknesses as a player, but Rose can do things he can not, and Rose always steps up and outplays Paul when they meet head to head.

3. Deron Williams-Slight edge over Rondo just because I believe Deron Williams will win you more games then Rondo by himself. That's really all I have.

4. Rajon Rondo-Exceptional at pretty much everything besides shooting, Rondo is now the guy in Boston despite having the Big 3. He is more 3B, to Williams 3A but I didn't want to list that. I think he'll pass Williams soon enough.

5. Steve Nash-What he does on the court is remarkable, then factor in his's unbelievable. Steve Nash might be the most underrated guy in the NBA. I'm Suns fan, but he truly does makes garbage competitive. Offesnively he is one of the most skilled guys in NBA History. If he could just guard a chair effectively he would at least be #3, unfortunately he probably couldn't even do that.

HM: Russell Westbrook (6), Tony Parker (7)

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D Will




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1.Paul 2.Rose 3.Dwill 4.Rondo






I want to put Dwill at 2 but he hasnt shown well on the NETS, and thats not his fault. Chicago is rolling with or without Rose, but he's undoubtedly a top two or 3 pg. Rondo's impact on basketball goes beyond the numbers. His will to fight and control the game is crazy.

**Lowry is a low budget CP3, and by low budget he lacks that elite and exclusive posie that only CP3 has on offense. Other than that he gives you everything you want/need in a pg in more(triple double threat every night). He plays harder than any other pg on a nightly basis and has the skills to make his hard work effective. Houston is hot this year and he's running the show perfectly. He has improved his range and his leadership which is not measured plays a lot into his/their success.

HM - Westbrook, Nash, Parker,

Westbrook would be better classified as a SG imo and I have him at # 2 or 3 behind Kb24(sometimes) and Wade. Nash is the BEST all around offensive PG in the game but he doesn't contribute on D. Parker might be the most underrated and gets countless hockey assists because of his lane probing, which is why RJ, Neal, Ginobli and Bonner get those threes in rhythm because the defense has to collapse from his penetration, so if you count hockey assists he leads the league.

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Paul is a better point guard,

Paul is a better point guard, but Rose is a better player

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THIs year

Derrick rose

Chris Paul

Raon rondo

Deron Williams

Steve nash

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1. Rose-Reigning Mvp, and

1. Rose-Reigning Mvp, and while he isn't the type of PG Nash,Stockton is, he does get teammates involved and his athletic ability is just on another planet, and he can put the ball in the rim when need be.

2.Paul- When 100 percent healthy he's as good as anyone in the NBA,Paul is the best PG in the game, not player but PG.

3.Rondo-His length,athleticism, creativity, and IQ makes him a top 5 PG, throw in his rebounding ability, and defensive abilities, you can't say Rondo isn't a top 3-5 PG, also he has a ring already, if he gets a jumpshot it's curtains he could move up the list.

4.Westbrook-How many players come into the NBA as a SG, turns into a PG and leads their team in three years 2 games from the NBA Finals? Westbrook has his faults but he's gotten better every year and the Thunder have went further each year, while I do agree sometimes he is selfish, the things he can do on the court thanks to his athletic ability has to make him a top 5 PG

5.Williams- His strength is on another level far as all point guards are concerned at 6-3 210 he easily muscles past players and has good quickness as well, his passing ability is up there with Paul and Rondo, pretty shifty as well, isn't on a winning team, but his talent puts him in the top 5 still to me.

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1a. Derrick Rose - The NBA is

1a. Derrick Rose - The NBA is the Matrix and he's Neo. The game has slowed down significantly for him and he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He's starting to see things before they happen... He's reading defenses better and understands where teammates will be. And as an athlete, he has another gear that only one or two other players in the league have right now. I don't think there's another player in the league that can hit the gaps and holes in the defense like he can. He steps up when it's winning time on a consistent basis. He gets better every season.

1b. Chris Paul - He's super competitive and is an amazing leader. A *positive* leader. He can lead vocally or by example. He just really understands how to play basketball and seems to be two or three steps ahead of his opponents. The knee injury has slowed him down a lot, but now he just uses an assortment of hesitations, jabs, etc to get his shot off. He's super efficient. Still a pesky defender too... Has quick hands.


3. Deron Williams - Size, strength, vision, playmaking/passing ability, shooting ability... He's a complete point guard. I don't like his leadership style though.

4. Rajon Rondo - He's an amazing point guard, but he can't shoot. He's a liability at the free-throw line. Same problems for years. His attitude seems funky at times, but he's a great point guard.

5. Russell Westbrook - He's a great all-around player and always plays like he has something to prove. High motor. Freak athlete. Still developing his decision making and self-control. He'll make mistakes, but you know he'll always play hard and leave it on the floor. Work ethic is insane. You can argue he has some emotional issues.

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