Top 5 Players who are Needed to return from Injury soon

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Top 5 Players who are Needed to return from Injury soon

After watching Golden State turn things around with the return of David Lee, I decided to make this list of guys who are hurt and their teams miss them tremendously...

1) Carlos Boozer- Chicago / Brandon Roy- Portland

Why? The Bulls are good but the more games that go by, the closer they get to mediocre...they are a playoff team without a doubt but are they a contender? We will have to see how Rose and Boozer play together...........And Portland has very little to no offensive attack when Roy is out.

2) Jonny Flynn- Minnesota

Why? Well, the frontcourt looks like it is going to stay the same, and Wesley Johnson is doing the little things to help his team but this squad cant keep switching back and forth between Telfair and Ridnour...Flynn's return is long past overdue

3) Baron Davis/Chris Kaman- LA Clippers

Why? I'm not a huge fan of either of these guys but Del Negro needs them back badly. Jordan isn't playing too well and Bledsoe just got injured...I never thought I would see the day where I would say the Clips need BD to return desperately

4) Yao Ming- Rockets

Why? It's not like he was doing a whole lot but having a 7'6'' guy with a solid offensive game never the 18 minutes he can get you a game are probably going to be productive chuck hayes proved he isn't going to be a starting center on a playoff team with his play last season

5) Greg Oden/Joel Przybilla- Portland

Why? Marcus Camby can get the job done but having a backup big would be somewhat nice right? Either of these 2 centers would suffice and it is unfortunate that Oden has lost his entire season

honorable mention:

Kenyon Martin- Denver

Kendrick Perkins- Boston

Vince Carter- Orlando

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Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Mr. 19134
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Well that was more then 5

Well that was more then 5 guys not sure why you didn't just make a top ten list and Mike Miller should be on that list. Oh and news flash Greg Oden is never going to return from his injury.

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Yeah Brandon Roy is never

Yeah Brandon Roy is never going to be the same player again either, not an injury you recover from, damage is permanent. Which sucks ass, but what are you gonna do?

Greg Oden actually has a chance if a lock-out happens and he can reaaally ease into things.

Also, co-sign that this isn't really much of a top 5 when there are 8 players beyond the honourable mention.

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the heat need mikey millers outside shot bad

imo the heat are as desperate as anyone needing a player to return miller brings the outside j and can even play a little a pg to set up the bnoat and wade

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Andrew Bogut should be behind

Andrew Bogut should be behind only Boozer and Roy. Even when Bogut tried to give it a go earlier in the year, he wasn't right.

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Mehmet Okur?

Even though the Jazz are playing well they could really use his floor-spacing ability.

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