top 5 PGs ranking and breakdowns

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top 5 PGs ranking and breakdowns

1. Kyrie Irving - great combination of scoring, playmaking and passing ability, unique way of finishing in the paint, efficient shooter from all ranges, solid defender with good awareness. perfect comparison: Chauncey Billups meets Tony Parker

2. Brandon Knight - power and length advantage at the position, very tough with strong mentality, high level defender, has ability to kill teams with his one on one scoring but also has developing skills and determination to become a true floor general. perfect comparison: Jason Terry meets Jrue Holiday

3. Kemba Walker - ideal scoring PG with electrifying and virtuoso ability to score, amazing competitor, play both ends, better facilitator than people give him credit for. perfect comparison: Allen Iverson/Terrell Brandon

4. Jimmer Fredette - strong build with warrior mentality, sensational scorer, unbelievable shooter with unbelievable range, show signs of ability to run a team, questionable defensive ability and shot selection. perfect comparison: Mo Williams/Mike James

5. Darius Morris - big, skilled and tough, play with old school fashion, very physical type game, dominate PG potential. perfect comparison: Andre Miller/Jarrett Jack

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