Top 5 most athletic players in the draft?

Here are the Top 5 Most Athletic players in the draft

Blake Griffin 6'10 248lbs -The no.1 draft pick of this year's draft, Athletic and strong big man with a ton of upside. Often has Antonio McDyess and Amare Stoudemire Comparisons.

Johnny Flynn 6'1 196lbs - Surprisingly athletic guard with good strength and amazing quickness has a level 10 athleticism in his draft profile. and 40' vertical leap.

Brandon Jennings 6'1 170lbs - A thin guard with blinding-speed that can jump out of the gym.

DeMar DeRozan 6'7 211lbs - With Vince Carter and Kobe-like comparisons, DeRozan is one of the most athletic players in the draft. Didn't do quite well in the other athletic tests, but has a 38.5' vertical leap.

Gerald Hendreson 6'5 215lbs - With only 4.4% body fat Henderson is one of the most conditioned and explosive players in the draft, with a break-out junior season he has become a lottery-pick in this year's draft.

Honorable Mention:
BJ Mullens

Chase Budinger

Jeff Teague

Terrence Williams

Earl Clark

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failure for not including

failure for not including terrance williams in this conversation. but as for what you listed, ill take griffin.

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Brandon Jennings, i think this guy not going to the combine was stupid because he is a freak, then Griffin for his size and speed he is quick and can get up there, then flynn, derozan, williams, henderson....

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yeah, my bad T-Will over

yeah, my bad T-Will over Jordan Hill.

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jeff teague is kinda freaky too

Pretty big for a point guard, very quick and gets up there too.

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top 5 athletic

Blake Griffin, Demar Derozan, Brandon Jennings, Gerald Henderson and Terrence Williams no specific order IMO

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He is always one of the fastest guys on the court to go along with leaping ability. Watch him run the court he is as fast as the guards.

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Top 5

Derozen, Henderson, Teague, Jennings, and Griffin are my top 5 in no order, with Williams the 1st runner up

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