Top 5 favourite players in 2009 draft

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Top 5 favourite players in 2009 draft

Just thought people would like to express their opinion on this subject cause i dont think anyone has started it.
Who are your top 5 favourite players in the draft? ( as in to watch, you like their game/personalities etc.) note. this is not who you think will go top 5 or who you think the top 5 best players are

1. Hasheem Thabeet - Just like the big guy
2. Brandon Jennings - Exciting playeer
3. Blake Griffin - freak.
4. Earl Clark
5. Demar Derozan

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1. Blake Griffin - a beast

1. Blake Griffin - a beast in the paint
2. James Harden
3. Jordan Hill- athletic beast (i would love to see him dradted by the knicks even though that might not happen.
4. Stephen Curry-sweet shooter
5. Johnny flynn- has a great leadership ability

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Top 5

1. DeJuan Blair
2. Ricky Rubio
3. James Harden
4. Sam Young
5. Tie - (Eric Maynor & Blake Griffen)

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1. Johnny Flynn
2. Jeff Teague
3. James Harden
4. Blake Griffin
5. Terrence Williams

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my top

blake griffin obvious
ricky rubio a great leaper
wayne ellington a great shhoter
omri casspi a interesting prospect
terrance williams a big player

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top 5

Earl Clark

Wayne Ellington

Sam Young

Steph Curry

Johnny Flynn

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My Favorite 5

1. Dejuan Blair - gotta love his intensity and passion for the game, always smiling
2. Tyler Hansbrough - see above plus I'm a huge heels fan
3. DeMarre Carrol - under rated player reminds me of antoine walker
4. Johnny Flynn - fell in love with his game in OT number 4
5. Stephen Curry - The kid can really light up the scoreboard

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my top 5

1. Earl Clark
2. Blake Griffin
3. James Harden
4. Jonny Flynn
5. Jordan Hill

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1. Harden 2. Brandon

1. Harden
2. Brandon Jennings
3. Blake Griffen
4.Earl clark
5. Steph Curry

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my top 5 ... and my not top 5

1. Eric Maynor - repping the Colonial Athletic Association
2. Ty Lawson - UNC fan since I was a child + a PG bias
3. Jonny Flynn - do we see a theme here?
4. Blake Griffin - 'nuff said
5. James Harden - extremely skilled; needs to get better against the zone

not Top 5

1. Hasheem Thabeet - have questions about his durability
2. Jrue Holiday - good player; overly hyped
3. BJ Mullens
4. Jeff Adrien - allowed 12 fouls/game for UConn; will be a good pro though
5. DaJuan Summers - what happened to you in the second half of the season???

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My 5

Jennings, Flynn, T will, Jeff Teague, and Blake Griffin. There all exciting players to me

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Iguodala's also but with one possible change


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Top 5

1. DeMar DeRozan - Can jump out of the arena! Showed his potential late in the year beating a James Harden led Arizona St. in the PAC 10 tournament.
2. Tyreke Evans - Like him as a PG. Tall for position and big wingspan. Led Memphis deep in the tourney.
3. Ricky Rubio - Not just a youtube sensation. Proof was in his play during the gold metal game against the U.S. where he held his own against Chris Paul and Deron Williams, two of the best PG in the game.
4. James Harden - Had great combine but his play in the NCAA and PAC 10 tournament is the reason for his place below DeRozan.
5. Wayne Ellington - Great shooter and underrated athlete. M.O.P. of the NCAA tourney. Next coming of Rip Hamilton.
Honorable Mentions: Derrick Brown, Sam Young, DeMarre Carroll, Terrence Williams

NOT FIVE (I know I will get a lot of grief for this.)
1. Jrue Holiday - Is overhyped. Didn't prove anything in college with averages of 8.5, 3.8, 3.7
2. Brandon Jennings - Selfish. Dislike his attitude (press did blow situation out of proportion). All I remember is when he tried to break the assist record at the McDonald's All-American game and failed.
3. Ty Lawson - Too short. Will be a back up at best.
4. Earl Clark - Think he will be a bust. Is too content during games which makes him look average.
5. Hasheem Thabeet - Not athletic enough and doesn't have an offensive game.
Honorable Mention: Blake Griffin - Afraid he will be too injury prone because of his physical style of play.

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I did this a few days ago, but....

1. Brandon Jennings
2. Tyreke Evans
3. Stephen Curry
4. James Harden
5. DeJuan Blair

Also, it is cool you started this up, because it took me 4 days to find my original post, so it is all good.

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1.Blake Griffin 2.James

1.Blake Griffin
2.James Harden
3.Terrence Williams
4.Tyreke Evans
5.Johnny Flynn

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Mine are:

1. Jrue Holiday-Watch and see he'll prove poeple wrong
2. James Harden-The balanced player
3. Johnny Flynn-Great PG
4. Tyreke Evans-Like Tracy McGrady
5. Blake Griffin-Good player

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