Top 5 "C" for Heat

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Top 5 "C" for Heat

IMO, here are the top 5 available UFA centers (willing to take a minimum salary) the Heat should consider signing as their short term starting 5.

(in no particular order) Kwame, Collins twins, Theo and Nazr.

Although, if Pryzbilla is willing to take a min salary, the Heat should pry him immediately.

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Pryzbilla isn't a free-agent.

Pryzbilla isn't a free-agent. He's currently injured and in the last year of his contract with Portland making over $7 million. Miami can't afford him, so scratch him off of the list.

I'd go with Theo Ratliff.

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Give me Battie

I like Battie and Collins. Both are crafty vets and Battie has an underrated offensive game.

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Of course Ratcliff. And

Of course Ratcliff. And seriously, I don't think Kwame is chasing a ring or anyways and would take the minimum. If he would though, I would add him of course.

Ratcliff + Kwame + Joel - looks pretty solid to me

and they don't get those guys, I think Nazr would fit, too.

And of course Shaq, if they could somehow pull it out, it really wouldn't suprise me.

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Brad Miller

I don't think there's a guy on your list I'd put above Brad Miller.

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I think they should get one

I think they should get one veteran to help teach all the young players on their roster and one young player who can add a real element they need and develop into a good player for a long time.

Earl Barron-True 7'Ft, good mobility, good touch, good rebounder.
7 FT 250 pounds Barron is a solid big man with all the talent necassary to become a starting C. With the right coaching and mentoring he is the best choice available. Barron can rebound on the offensive and defensive ends, is big and mobile is a 75% free throw shooter which shows he has touch. Teach the kid how to really defend and you could have a stud.

Theo Ratcliff-Long, one of the greatest shot blockers ever, teacher.
Not a true Centers size but is a grand-daddy of basketball...hes been around a while.Theo is argueably the best weakside defender (not rebounder) this game has ever seen. Chris Bosh would benefit alot IMO learning from Ratcliff and could even grow into a dominant weakside shot blocker, instead of a scorer. Also Varnardo would love if they picked up the player many have wrongfully compared him too.

Anthony Tolliver-Grit, youth and stretching the floor with the big man 3.
The only knock on Tolliver is his size.He is not a C big enough to play a Howard or Bynum. His 3-Point stroke as a big strecthing the floor would make for quite a luxary for Bosh, Wade and Lebron. Also he is only 25 so they could keep him along with the core for a while.He defends rebounds and blocks averagely for his size he does well.

Adonal Foyle-Teacher, shot blocking, low post defense, toughness.
This is yet another grand-daddy of the C position who has many pupils including Dwight Howard. If anyone could help Pittman develop into a monster this is the guy to do it.He could very well play 10 minutes per game and become a on the court coach for Miami.He could also give Bosh his real mentor something he never had in Toronto.

Kurt Thomas-Good post defender, tough sometimes nasty player, good rebounder, will to win.
Kurt Thomas stepped up for the injured Andrew Bogut last year and played extremely well in the playoffs.He is big strong and tough and can play PF or C at reduced minutes. If anyone gets hurt he can step his game up and becom e a big-time leader.

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