Top 3 teams You want to play with on 2k14

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Top 3 teams You want to play with on 2k14

MY TOP 3 teams for 2k13 was the warriors, clippers and of course the heat. This year with all the moves in the off season made it a little more interesting. this year ima till use the warriors with a line up of probably. Steph,Iggy,Thomson, Barnes and Bogut.
the nets with there starting 5
and also i think the pelicans has a real good 2K14 team.
what are your teams other than the HEAT

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I cant wait

To play with the pistons, line up of bj3 kcp luigi smith and monroe. That team is going to destroy. And also my Jazz with Trey.

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Suns, my face team. Warriors

Suns, my face team. Warriors because of great shooters and inside presence. Than I'm nt sure maybe the bulls with rose back and they have Noah, butler, deng.

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I have actually been thinking

I have actually been thinking about this. The Pelicans are the first that come to mind to me. New name, new logo and brought in some talent. Should be fun with Holiday, Gordon, Evans and Davis. The Nets are probably up there too. Even though they aren't all in their prime, I can have some fun with a lineup of Deron, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez. I am almost saying Warriors on this last one because Iguodala was one of the best players to use in 2k13, he was extremely overrated, the Warriors should be a fan favorite but I think I'll just go with the Kings. Ben McLemore should be really good in 2k, as all athletic three point shooters are, just can't wait to see some AirMcLemore in 2k.

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The Rockets, dominant big

The Rockets, dominant big down low, a do it all small forward, and a top SG.

The Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving's rating is going to be above a 92 for sure on 2k. Crazy handles, a plethora of floaters and layups, and crazy fast. He is the definition of a video game player. Throw in Bynum and Waiters for good measure and you've got yourself a nice squad.

The Brooklyn Nets, if you love to iso, you can literally iso at any position and have an advantage. You don't have to deal with lack of hustle, injuries, or age in a video game. The Nets also have a top-10 player at each position so you will always have a mismatch.

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Give me Chris Paul with three of the best (ok, better) shooters in J Crawford, JJ and Dudley along with some bigs to rebound in Griffin and Jordan and I'm good to go

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mine 2k13 teams

Teams- Bulls, Spurs and Bobcats
Players- MJ(Bobcats only lol), Bird and CP3

this year i will play again with the Spurs, Bulls and maybe an euroleague team (Excited)

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Suns, Jazz and pacers

Suns, Jazz and pacers

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1. Wizards - Wall's only

1. Wizards
- Wall's only weakness is shooting jumpers, but if you have his release right, you can make him respectable. Really love Beal's and Webster's ability to spread the floor. Ariza is still a good player on 2K because he's an athlete. Combo of bigs between Nene/Okafor are solid.

2. T-Wolves
- Love's jumper is butter... Defenders fall for the pump fake consistently. Love the addition of Martin, who's jumper was money in 2K13. Throw in Buddinger who's got a good mix of shooting/athleticism. Brewer will be my overrated 2K athlete. Rubio will average tons of assists and plenty of steals.

3. Raptors
- I usually run a small ball lineup with Lowry, Ross (2K overrated... Athleticism and jumper), DeRozan, Gay and Valanciunas. Gay can dominate. Love the addition of Novak who is cash money (Just waiting for someone to zone me... He'll be in the corner lol).

I don't play with the easy teams like Heat, Clippers, Thunder, etc, etc. I won't play with the Warriors, Rockets, etc. I enjoy beating those teams.

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I'm not a Jazz Fan, but they

I'm not a Jazz Fan, but they seem like a fun team to rebuild, lots of young guys and will have a high draft pick in 2014.

I feel like it'd be fun to try to reload my Nuggets rather than having them rebuild (which is what it looks like we'll be doing in 2 years or less).

Cavs would also be fun, I'd definitely trade Bennett or Tristan Thompson for a Small forward rental and a pick or something of the sort. Then try after LBJ in FA.

I know I've surpassed my allotted Top 3 but also.
the Warriors, I definitely have an idea of utilizing that team differently than I think Mark Jackson will do.

and the Sixers, full rebuild mode sounds like a fun challenge.

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1) Rockets. Always been a big

1) Rockets. Always been a big fan of Harden and he should be even better in 2K14, along with Howard and Parsons.

2) Warriors. Iggy, Barnes, and ofc the Splash Brothers. Definitely will be a really fun team to use

3) Trail Blazers. Just for Damian Lillard and that step back 3

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My 2 favorite teams the

My 2 favorite teams the Warriors, Mavs won't be too bad.

Warriors- Everyone likes to use them

Mavs-Calderon can shoot and pass, Monta Ellis can score at any time, Vince Carter is always super wet, of course you got dirk with the unstoppable fade away, Dalembert perfect fit to all the scoring I have because of his defense.

I'll choose a random team that looks good for 2k

Trailblazers are a well rounded team with Lillard running the point, I'll try out McCollum at the 2, Batum is good at 3, down low I'll have Aldridge with Robinson/Lopez

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Pistons, Nets,

Pistons, Nets, Pelicans

Warriors will be very fun to play with too.

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im surprised no one said the

im surprised no one said the Knicks that was one of the teams that I played online with last 2k

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Rockets (my team), Pistons,

Rockets (my team), Pistons, and Warriors

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this is tough for me. but

this is tough for me. but here is mine

1) Philadelphia- Why this team? Because they are in rebuilding mode. They have Micahel Carter Williams which I'm not sure how well he will be for my team. They also have Nerlens Noel another rookie. I feel that this could land me a top five draft pick. If i don't like Michael Carter Williams after his contract is up I'll go for a different point guard. I want to get rid of big contracts if possible. I do like Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young.

2) Cleveland- this team could be fun with Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett, Tristan Thompson, Andrew Bynum, Earl Clark, Jarret Jack. I could also see if i could land Lebron or some other big name free agent to the Cavs.

3) Washington- John Wall and Bradley Beal according to Woody Paige on Around the Horn said that Wall and Beal are the real deal. I completely agree. Am not sure yet about Otto Porter yet but could be exciting. Am up in the air whether I'm going to keep Ariza, Nene and Okafor. I want to go as young as possible with this team. I want to get rid of big contracts to see if I could have enough cap to get a Chris Bosh, Lebron James, possibly Dirk even. Yes Wall, Beal and Porter are young but still if i have a young team with maybe one good veteran it could be fun to play.

I'm sorry hard to pick three

runner ups (and I don't write down stats)

4) Minnesota- see how Love, Rubio, Kevin Martin do for me

5) Golden State- a playoff team adding Andre Iguodala and jermaine o neal could be fun to gm

6) Memphis- another playoff team that would be fun. Added Mike Miller and maybe see if I could add another backup big to this team.

Let me explain what I do on these games. It sounds exhausting but I have fun. 1) I pick one team I GM. 2) I write down each draft year, who was drafted there and so on. I also like to keep tabs of players who made the allstar team. That way I can find out who I can try to go for in free agency. I have many notebooks of this. 3) I scout as many players as I can and I make notes in a notebook. I do this so I can go back later and see what there strengths and weaknesses are. I know this sounds like a headache but I have fun doing this. Teams 4-6 I don't write down stuff.

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