Top 3 FA's

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Top 3 FA's

David West***: Possible destinations Ind/NJ/NO

IMO. I think the Pacers would benefit from signing DWest, however with teams playing 3games in 3nights will this wear & Tear be too much for His knee to bear.

Nene: Hou/Den/Mia (Sign & Trade option only).

IMO. It all depends on the $$$ that he wants @best he is a 3rd option offensive player/w decent devensive skills. The Rockets believe that they are a C away from being a very competitive team. Maybe they will amens a player & sign Nene. Nuggets should pass & get ready for a Top 3 pick

MGasol: Mem/Hou

IMO. Gasol is a 82game a year solid Post player he seems to be the type of player that you build with to win a Chip. However, not to the tune of Lux Tax for a Small market team. If Grizz overpay for him they will regret this decision in the Next year or so.

Thoughts & Opinions please.

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hope that parmesan chicken

hope that parmesan chicken treats you well sir

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Marc gasol is the best

Marc gasol is the best FA...

he has a strong body, always in progress on his physical attributes. Less injury prone than nene.

he is one of the most skilled bigman in the nba with great bball IQ, has passing skills and is a great teammate. He developped a strong relationship with other players (it's not a coincidence if Z-bo has put his best numbers and his best attitude since gasol started) and is a winning working guy very underrated.

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I Hope Marc stays in Memphis

Even during the 2009-2010 season, I thought the Grizzlies had a top-5 starting unit:






Now with Mayo on the bench and Tony Allen starting, along with aquiring Shane Battier, we saw how amazing this team can be (2011 Playoffs). If they can't afford him, then fine. But if they carelessly let him go without persuading him to stay, not only will the team's demeanor change, they also lose the Yin to Z-Bo's Yang and the most rarity in today's game...A QUALITY CENTER. Btw, if Gasol does decide to head elsewhere, what are the Grizz gonna do about the 5 spot (Haddaddi?)?

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"Btw, if Gasol does decide to

"Btw, if Gasol does decide to head elsewhere, what are the Grizz gonna do about the 5 spot (Haddaddi?)?"

Ahh the times when you wish you had kept Hasheem Thabeet. ;)

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Man, I was one of the Thabeet

Man, I was one of the Thabeet believers... Maybe they could lure Keith Closs out of retirement to replace him?

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type Keith Closs beat down on YouTube

It's Some Funny below

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