Top 14 lottery picks my thoughts on them

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Top 14 lottery picks my thoughts on them

1.Ben Mclemore- tuff kid, very crafty left handed and great on ball defense, will be a top five pick if ever dropped.
2.Cody Zeller- I think should be the number 1 pick, 7 foot great around basket, he's flat out a good player
3.Shabazz Muhammad- aka James harden, highly talented kid from UCLA, my concern is will he show up tournament time
4.Nerlans Noel- this kid is not proven to me, he's skinny and at the next level he won't make it
5.Anthony Bennett- reminds me of Chris webber back at Michigan.
6.Alex Lin- he every coaches dream in a big man
7.Marcus Smart- this kid came out the blue, he's getting it done every night
8.Otto Poter- solid game, needs to take over more down the stretch, but he's nba ready
9.Willie Cauley- this kid will be a bust, he won't last with the big boys
10.CJ McCollum-he will be the steal of the draft flat out shooter, will produce on any nba roster
11.Michael Carter Willams- he's a gift and a curse against Louisville lots of turnovers but he's averages 9 dimes you can't teach that
12.Isaiah Austin- Baylor freshman depending on what roster he lands on he could help
13.Glen Roberison III- does not do enough for me, he shows signs here and there but trey Burke and hard away hides his weakness because of there strong team
14.Archie Goodwin- in the NBA he will be a shooting guard, he's young minded but has talent, he don't like pressure but one thing I can say about him when Kentucky don't come to play he always does.

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Mclemore isn''t a

Mclemore isn''t a lefty
Shabazz and Harden are left handed and are wings, and that's where the comparisons ends
Bennett is 4 inches shorter than Webber

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Bennett also doesn't have

Bennett also doesn't have handles anywhere near as good as CWebb

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If you remember Lamarcus

If you remember Lamarcus Aldrige was said to be too skinny before he got drafted, so did dwight, so did Javale. I really think that Nerlens Noel will play well at the next level. As a defender he's in a rare class. He wont have a great rookie year but in 2-3 years i see him having a serge ibaka like defensive prowess, and anthony davis having a kevin garnett like defensive prowess

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is alex 'lin' jeremys

is alex 'lin' jeremys brother?

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Maybe English isn't OP's first langauge

Maybe English isn't OP's first language, i'll forgive him. It does appear OP is an avid basketball fan that has a mind that doesn't reflective the same in his posts. Don't be afraid to post in the future, OP if this is not the case and English is indeed your first language, you really need to step up your standards to meet the benchmark here because it's threads like these that are pushing the better threads away into the page 2 graveyard.

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My thoughts on your thoughts

My thoughts on your thoughts is that you maybe need to think more.

And I don't understand what it means when somebody says this guy won't make it, like you said about Noels. Noels will certainly make it into the league, so do you mean he won't progress and be out of it or what, I really don't get it.

And Willie Cauley-Stein will not be a bust. I know it's easy to pick him because he kinda of came out of nowhere and is super raw but his physical tools and the hustle he plays with alone will ensure he's semi productive.

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