top 10 scorers of the past decade

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top 10 scorers of the past decade

In no specific order

Kobe Bryant
Tracy Mcgrady
Allen Iverson
Kevin Durant
LeBron James
Dwyane Wade
Shaq (in his prime)
Gilbert Arenas
Jordan(even after his prime he was top 10)

who u think????

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Allen Iverson has to be 1.

Allen Iverson has to be 1. Best pound for pound scorer, maybe ever.
Kobe, shaq have to be near the top.
McGrady and Arenas had injuries so i dont know. Durant, its too early to say that.
Melo, Dwade, and Lebron are there in 3 years.

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I pretty much agree with trinajoe.

Don't forget about guys like Reggie Miller, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, Karl Malone, Grant Hill, Jerry Stackhouse, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Michael Finley.

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the real list ; i can't believe i dont' have wade on it

1. allen iverson ( the best pure scorer ever, 4 scoring titles, and scores in the clutch as well as anyone ever )
2. tracy mcgrady ( 2 scoring titles plus he scored 13 points in 33 seconds )
3. kobe bryant ( 81, 62, 61, do i need to keep going )
4. gilbert arenas ( when he's healthy hibachi is a sure 30 points )
5. carmelo anthony ( best pure scorer in the league rite now )
6. lebron james ( 29 of your teams last 30 points .. enough said .. plus he's the most dominate inside force ever )
7. michael jordan ( combination of being a great scorer & the fact that there was little talent when he was still in )
8. shaquille oneal ( all he did was dunk & get putbacks .. very often )
9. kevin durant ( he's a great scorer & in the mold of a better version of dirk )
10. dirk nowitzki ( best turnaround in basketball & he's a marksmen from 3 )

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