Top 10 Players uhmmmm...that... I just want to talk about...

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Top 10 Players uhmmmm...that... I just want to talk about...

Well, here I am guys... Another top 10... But unlike before, this top 10 is completely randomized... We all see different threads about the Heat and LeBron James, Kobe, Derrick Rose, New York Knicks getting W's... blah blah blah... Those are all great and fun to read at times... This top 10 is dedicated to those players who deserve to get noticed, praised or dissed... These are the guys whose names are RARELY been talked about in this site... In no particular order...

10. Wes Matthews - All I can say is "impressive"... Wes is a guy who just went undrafted and made the most out of an opportunity with the Trail Blazers... I really expect this kid to be in the running at the Most Improved Player award... His defensive skills and work ethic put him up in the starting unit for coach Nate...

9. Brandon Rush - Rush has been very solid for the Pacers right now. He is certainly the guy who can be relied on by Coach O'Brien to either start if needed, or come off the bench to provide solid energy... Forget the drug charges and suspension he received... He's proving to be more valuable than everybody give him credit for.

8. Ronnie Price - He is the exact definition of a back-up PG... The thing that made him different from Jason Harts and Anthony Johnsons in the league? His showmanship and energy... His athleticism is off the charts... He is one of those rarely gifted 6'2 PG's that can dunk in your face... Reminds me of Robert Pack. He can hit jumpers though there is still room for improvement...

7. Dorell Wright - I almost gave up on Wright when he was with the Heat... During his stay there, he was displaying his athleticism and teased us with his skill and potential... But injuries have riddled his career in South Beach... It has always been said that some guys needed a change of scenery and Wright needs it... Going to the Bay Area is probably the best thing that has ever happened in his career so far.

6. Landry Fields - Damn! One of the biggest mistake I've made was assuming this guy would never be playing more than 12 minutes a game... Landry Fields deserve some love and he has been loved by the Knicks fans and D'Antoni himself... His shooting ability along with his athleticism and defensive skill is deserving of that starting spot... NOT to mention him earning the East Rookie of the Month for November while John Wall and Evan Turner looks on...

5. Kevin Seraphin - Is this guy even deserve to be drafted in the first round? The Bulls gave the Wizards a second round prospect and drafted him at 17th... Maybe he has more to offer as games come and go but I just don't see it right now... Yes, he is a hulking big man that could end up being Oliver Miller or Mark West but I really think he is a second rounder...

4. Austin Daye - Is the softest NBA Player right now... Guys like DRose, Wade can posterize this kid with ease... Yes, he has a soft touch for a big man but that's about it... John Kuester has done nothing to help Daye improve his strength so far...

3. Brad Miller - Miller is no longer a Bull but he is still one of the players I got to admire... Can you count how many big men today has the ability to shoot a jumper, hit a three and at the same time have a terrific court vision that allows him to make a pass to a cutting player? Only handful... That's right... And Brad is one of them... Gotta show him love in this site... Brad Miller is one of the best passing, best sweet shooting big men today despite his age...

2. Jeff Teague - Whatever happened to Jeff Teague taking over Mike Bibby's spot? That remains to be seen and I wonder why...

1. Marco Belinelli - This sweet shooting Italian guard has found a home in New Orleans... After bouncing to two different teams in Golden State and Toronto, he has found his comfort in Chris Paul and the Hornets... His shooting has improved and his confidence is a higher than before... Chris Paul has alway had that ability in making the players around him better (Tyson Chandler, David West)... He's doing the same with Marco Belinelli... J-Kidd made Kerry Kittles relevant... CP3 made Belinelli the player that many expected him to be..

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i hate everything about

i hate everything about austin daye...being from the seattle area i have a lot of connections with people at gonzaga (spokane is about 5 hours east of seattle) and everyone who came into contact with him had nothing but negative things to say

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Yeah Austin Daye is simply

Yeah Austin Daye is simply too weak and soft. He also pouts alot on the court and generally seems immature. He does have a nice shooting touch and he has good size if he were to play SF, but the Pistons are playing him at PF and he is a liability on D and on the glass somewhat too. Every time I watch him play he gets either outworked, or outmuscled. You have to at least hustle if you're weak.

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Daye will never live up to

Daye will never live up to that pick, pistons could have had; Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson, Collison, Beabouis, Taj Gibson, Marcus Thorton, Blair(didnt need but still good to have), or Budinger who we traded and he is doing better than Daye

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I remember Daye being

I remember Daye being projected as the #1 pick at one point. Blah blah blah potential blah blah blah.

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#1 wow, I heard some ppl say

#1 wow, I heard some ppl say Day was going to be a bust around the draft, what is Detroit thinking.

Most experts didn't have Fields doing much, he's been a breath of fresh air for the Knicks.

His unselfish play and the fact he almost never argues with a ref despite gettin hosed on calls are rare.

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Yeah Brandon Rush is playing

Yeah Brandon Rush is playing great ball.

Sonny Weems is too in TOR.

I don't think Elton Brand get enough love for battling back from injuries and having a terrific season thus far.

Thad Young has been playing out of his mind shooting almost 60%

Get ready to hear Jodie Meeks name more he is like the new...Cat Mobley? An athletic and defending JJ Reddick? Hersey Hawkins. Either way he is fun too watch.

Hakim Warrick makes a few highlight plays everygame.

How good is Eric Gordon?

When will Jason Thompson be traded?

Spencer Hawes reminds me of a bigger Brad Miller who can pass and shoot. Only if Hawes would bang.

Dirk having an NBA year?

Is Manu ageless?

Horford putting up great numbers for a center in the ATL almost 18 points a game and over 3 assists.

What happen to Ronnie Brewer?

Jordan Crawford happened to Jeff Teague.

Bogut having a big year!

I thought Serephim was a first rounder but he wasn't a top 20 pick. He does show some nice moves and power down low to combine with a mammoth wingspan. The Warriors want to turn him into a Center in the Kendrick Perkins with an offensive game mold eventually....

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Wes Matthews has been Very

Wes Matthews has been Very impressive like you said. He's shooting the ball well, and he's definitely living up to his contract.

As for Dorrell Wright, I always saw the potential he had, and I think he needed a change of scenery in Miami, and as been flourishing in GW's offense.

As for Kevin Seraphin, he's VERY RAW. The Wizards traded up to get him mainly because they wanted to add more toughness along their soft frontline. He is a hulking big man like you said, and has a lot of potential. He's looked impressive in some games and very raw in other games. Two games ago in LA, he got 2 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 blocks, far from impressive stats except for the blocks, but he showed a lot of promise that game and was inserted into the starting lineup for next game. But throughout the season, he mainly only plays in garbage time and logs in a lot of inactives. He's raw right now, but if he develops, he can become just what the Wizards need, a BANGER.

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I've always been a huge Brad

I've always been a huge Brad Miller fan, a very rare blend of talent for a 7-footer. He may not be an All-Star or Hall of Famer but he's the type of guy that can help ANY team in the league.

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I told you guys Rush had it

I told you guys Rush had it in him. I lost many a points saying that he is by far a more superioir player than George and Stephenson at this point in their careers.

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I really though Jeff Teague

I really though Jeff Teague would take that next step but maybe it will come later because the year I expected Hibbert to blossum he didnt but this year he is playing well. Same thing with Rush, I had almost given up on him and expected him to be moved but he is showing now what I expected him to do last year. Daye may get if he can play shooting guard and also matures but right now I have not idea what Detroit is doing. They have a lot of the same position stacked and they need more depth in the post.

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he is ageless he's like Yoda......

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