Top 10 players

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Top 10 players

who are yall top 10 favorite players?

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i cant name ten in any order

i cant name ten in any order but some guys i really like i'll split into 4 groups

Older Veterans:
Paul Pierce-Savvy, Big time winner and tough
Tim Duncan-Classy player, may not be flashy but hes a hardworker and a good leader
Steve Nash-Love his passion and his desire to win

LeBron James-Cant believe some of the things he's able to do
Kevin Durant-So smooth and so gifted
Dwyane Wade-Carries that team to the playoffs year in and year out
Chris Bosh-Love his game, inside/outside combo with a very fluid skill set

Young Guns:
Brook Lopez-Hard to find a 7-footer with his offensive touch
Stephen Curry-Potential is off the charts, amazing shooter, excellent passer
Terrence Wiliams-He's from my hometown and his athleticism is awesome
Derrick Rose-He has the ability to take over games with his blow by quickness and mid range game

Role Players:
Gerald Wallace-He's the hardest working NBA player
Jeff Green-Incredible versatile and ultimate team player
Nate Robinson-Such a fun and entertaining player, plus hes from Seattle
Jonny Flynn-Jonny was sooooo sick in college

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of all time: pete

of all time:

pete maravich
steve nash
ray allen
tim hardaway
stephen curry
allen iverson (my first true favorite bball player)
chris paul
david lee (i consider myself the biggest knicks fan ever)
jason williams
soon to be: josh selby

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in order

1.Jordan - without a doubt the GOAT, will always be... Jordan played in the old school when basketball was really tough none of that &$#%#[email protected]! handcheck rule... imagine how many times Jordan would be at the line LMAO

2.JKidd - Love the all-around game... grab the rebound start the break and make the dish to the finisher and he was ROBBED for that MVP... plus he has a hot wife

3.Grant Hill - a bit bias lol (since he is from Duke) if the injuries hadn't hit him he was the next face of the NBA... great all-around player... nothing he couldn't do... Doug Collins actually said he was comfortable with him playing PG in his prime... at an old age can still play..

4.Ray Allen - actually got to see him in toronto at a YMCA shooting around at about 530-6am a long time ago and all i could do is sit an watch... sweetest jumper the league has seen (possibly) and his game is just smooth... just watch him come off a screen for a shot

5.Gary Payton- another great all-around PG and was a REAL lock down defender... plus i loved all the shit talkin. thank god he got a ring

6.Shaq - most dominating player of my era of watching ball... and a great showman of the game... the NBA will miss him when he is gone.

7.Alvin Williams - good player for Toronto, always gave it his all and played injured (vince carter should have taken a lesson) great competitor... will always be welcomed in toronto... great guy too met him a few times.

8.Scottie Pippen - GREAT defender all around player... people may say it was all jordan but think about it, jordan had no rings before pippen... possibly the only man who could have guarded MJ ( dont kill me im just saying maybe he could have, we will never know)

9. Charles Oakley - personified the word TOUGH... good rebounder and a great leader... put guys in check anytime anywhere.

10. Allen Iverson - regardless of what people may say.. possibly the greatest player we have seen pound for pound... so tough and gave it all all the time (except for practice of course) we talkin bout practice... LMFAO

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right now

10-noah (just because of what he said about Cleveland)

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1.Kobe Bryant-best player

1.Kobe Bryant-best player playing right now will go down top 5 of all time
2.Kevin Durant-has the chance to be one of the best scorers the league has seen he plays like a 6'10 guard
2b.Brandon Jennings-can get hot in the minute flashy passes and quick ankle breaking handles
3.Deron Williams- best point guard in the league in my opinion
4.Derrick Rose-so damn athletic and an highlight reel waiting to happen
5.Tyreke Evans-smooth as hell and can cross you up just needs a jump shot
6.Lebron James-Outside of magic johnson the most unique nba player the nba has ever seen in a power forward body point guard handles and vision and shooting guard hops.
7.Dwayne Wade-Very fun to watch quick and he has mad swagger on the court
8.Dwight Howard- best center in the league locks anything that comes his way he still has even touch his potential
9.Chris Bosh-A big man but he is very smooth with a nice mid range jump shot
10.Carmelo Anthony-Great Scorer who know hot to use his body very well ans he knos he is very good
Honorable Mention-Russell Westbrook dude is electric fast and a better passer than what he is giving credit and very fun to watch.
Chris Paul- he use to be my favorite player but I have a friend that talks like he is god but I would love to be his teammate.
Brook Lopez- I though he was overrated but he prove me wrong and is arguably the best scoring center in the nba

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My Favorite Players: Tracy

My Favorite Players:
Tracy McGrady - I Just Love seeing him play i dont care
Tim Duncan - First Player i ever watched, used to be number one on the list
Kevin Durant
Monta Ellis
Anthony Randolph

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I wasn't a huge basketball

I wasn't a huge basketball fan until around 2005 so today's players are the ones I've seen play (aside from clips and stuff on youtube).

1. OJ Mayo
2. Demar Derozan
3. Chris Paul
4. Dwight Howard
5. Jeff Green
6. Baron Davis
7. LeBron James
8. Terrence Williams
9. Kevin Garnett
10. Kevin Durant/J.R Smith

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oops, id like to switch jason

oops, id like to switch jason williams for carmelo anthony

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No love for Jason Williams

No love for Jason Williams aka White Chocolate? He and Magic revolutionized flashy passes in the league.

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my top 10 today are:1.

my top 10 today are:

1. Birdman Andersen
2. Amare Stoudemire
3. Kevin Garnett
4. Paul Pierce
5. Steve Nash
6. Carmelo Anthony
7. Jared Dudley
8. Steph Curry
9. Allen Iverson
10. Nate Robinson

Just Missed:

Jason Richardson
Chris Bosh
Kevin Durant
Eddie House
White Chocolate

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kevin durant derrick

kevin durant
derrick rose
rajon rondo
george hill
chris paul
larry bird
dennis rodman
wilt chamberlain
john stockton

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my favorite bruins of all

my favorite bruins of all time:

Toby Bailey, Earl Watson, Matt Barnes, Jordan Farmar, Kevin Love

my favorite lakers of all time:

Kobe Bryant, Nick Van Exel, Vlade Divac, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest

my favorite superstars of all time:

Gary Payton, Grant Hill, Karl Malone, Jason Kidd, Larry Bird

others in the league right now that i root for:

Jrue Holiday, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Reggie WIlliams, Brook Lopez, Devin Harris, Yao MIng, Luke RIdnour, Kirk Hinrich,

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llperez were you a fan of ed

llperez were you a fan of ed and charles o'bannon?

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1) Tyreke Evans 2) Derrick

1) Tyreke Evans
2) Derrick Rose
3) OJ Mayo
4) Kevin Durant
5) Kobe Bryant
6) Chris Douglas-Roberts
7) Dwyane Wade
8) Dwight Howard
9) Rudy Gay
10) Steve Nash

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Right Now...No Particular Order

Brandon Jennings
Lebron James
Andrew Bogut
Salim Stoudamire
Josh Smith
Kobe Bryant
Shannon Brown
Lazar Hayward
Stephen Curry
Joakim Noah

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1. Tim Duncan 2. Shaun

1. Tim Duncan
2. Shaun Livingston
3. Sam Cassell
4. Jay Williams
5. Rajon Rondo
6. Chris Kaman
7. Malik Rose
8. Jason Williams
9. Joakim Noah
10. I only watch one team play so I can't really think of any other favorite players I have, everyone is an enemy.

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1 keivn durant 2 stephen

1 keivn durant
2 stephen curry
3 john wall
4 peja stojakovic
5 monta ellis
6 dirk nowitzki
7 vlade divac
8 greg monroe
9 al farouq aminu
10 deron williams

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