The top 10 dunks of the 2012-13 college basketball season so far

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The top 10 dunks of the 2012-13 college basketball season so far

Props to Troy Machir of NBC Sports CollegeBasketballTalk for putting this list together. Thought I would post the top 10, will give a link at the bottom that has a bunch of honorable mentions as well.

10. Chris Denson-Auburn vs. Tennessee Tech, 12/18/2012

9. Rodney Purvis-NC State vs. Miami, 2/2/2013

8. Troy Huff-North Dakota vs. Idaho State, 2/2/2013

7. Doug Anderson-Detroit vs. St. John's, 11/13/2012

6. Mason Plumlee-Duke vs. Maryland, 1/26/2013

5. Brandon Paul-Illinois vs. Minnesota, 1/9/2013

4. Victor Oladipo-Indiana vs. Central Connecticut State, 12/8/2012

3. Deonte Burton -Nevada vs. UNLV, 1/30/2013

2. Marcus Lewis-Eastern Kentucky vs. Southeast Missouri, 2/2/2013

1. Jamaal Franklin-San Diego State vs. Fresno State, 1/10/2013

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That Mlumlee dunk is insane,

That Plumlee dunk is insane, so is the guy on #2.

Here are a couple of my favorites from Ben McLemore.

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I kinda thought #2 should

I kinda thought #2 should have gotten the top spot.

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Number 2 gets my vote for top spot. Wish they had it up close and in slow motion. I could not do that off of a trampoline on my best day.

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Best. Thread.

Best. Thread. Ever.

(EuroBaller, please don't take this as an invitation to make a 'best dunks of the Greek league season so far' thread)

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The score display on #8 looks

The score display on #8 looks like a video game from the '80s

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Maybe I'm not a big fan of

Maybe I'm not a big fan of putbacks or alley oops. I like the ones that include a drive to the basket like Oladipo's. It's just a personal taste.

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Awesome thread, but you

Awesome thread, but you missed one!

Rodney Williams 360 2-hand --- 12/11/12 Vs NDSU:

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thank you. nice dunks!

thank you. nice dunks!

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On February 2nd, three young

On February 2nd, three young men were brutally assaulted and humiliated in Raleigh, NC, Grand Forks, ND and Cape Girardeau, MO. All victims and announcers are still in critical condition.

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No love for Sam Thompson?

No love for Sam Thompson? Dude has had some sick dunks this year. His windmill against Ashville should at least be top ten.

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i think that mcw 1 against

i think that mcw 1 against cincy shouldve made it

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