Too many scholarships

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Too many scholarships

What happens when a team has too many scholarships? I know you're only allowed to have 13 players on scholarship, but teams have a ton of offers out to high school students each year, so a team is bound to give out a few extra scholarships every once in awhile. I think I heard someone say Indiana may be in that boat, but I don't know for sure.

It's gotta be tough for coaches because they usually don't know how many players will be going to the NBA each season. Plus I'm assuming that when you go over the limit you have to strip some players of their scholarship or ask them to transfer. That doesn't seem fair especially if an incoming freshmen is taking away an upperclassmens scholarship.

So can someone clarify what happens? I'm mostly interested because I believe Syracuse has 1 scholarship left to give, but are in the running for Wiggins, Dakari, Lawrence, Roberson, and a few others.

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what happens is that 12 or 13th guy who probably was a walk on but earned a scholarship because he was a good team guy and good student (help the team GPA), will lose his and it will go to the one-and-done prospect from HS.

Remember, scholarships are a one yr contract, not four. So they can take away a scholarship from anyone on that team and give it to any of those high profile players.

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Chewy hit is right on the

Chewy hit is right on the Nose.That is how the business goes,you take someone of the ship to give to one of the high rated prospects.

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Chewy beat me to it. That's

Chewy beat me to it. That's the bad part about college sports to me. The guy that works hard on the court and classroom, has no problems with the coach or team but still gets their scholarship taken to give to a guy who is only worried about jumping to the pros and getting out of college fast

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This happened with...

Kind of off topic but this happened with Uconn last year when Drummond reclassified late. They had 1 too many players on scholarship and one of the walk-ons who earned a scholarship offered to give his up but Drummond said that he'd walk on. I think that was a really a great move by Drummond since he knew he'd be making millions in the nba he could afford to pay for his one year of schooling better than the other player. I thought it was a real classy move by him.

This might end up being what happens with Indiana but i'm guessing it'll end up being one of the walk-ons who'll lose their scholarship. Sad cuz they probably worked really hard to earn it.

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I am sort of surprised more

I am sort of surprised more players dont do that, I know nothing is gurrenteed, but guys like shabazz muhammed, who every one knows is a lock top 5 pick when he comes out doesnt give up his scholerIship. I thought that it was a nice move of andre drummond to do that

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They have 3 former walk-ons on scholarship. Boeheim is actually one of the fairest coaches around.Guys who walk on are happy to receive any time on scholarship.

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