Tony Wroten's Epic Collapse

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Tony Wroten's Epic Collapse

Today, UW battled Oregon State in a quarterfinals matchup...UW desperately needed this game to cement a spot in the NCAA tourney.

That being said, UW came out extremely flat and ended up down by as many as 14 points in the 1st half. Down 46-33 at half, Romar did his usual firing up of his players and the guys came out fierce and ended up taking the lead. They were up 77-71 at one point with about 4 minutes left but the Beavers battled back.

The Huskies were down 83-82 with a minute left. Wroten gets fouled and has the opportunity to not only tie the game but take the lead. HE BRICKS THEM BOTH.

The Huskies end up fouling Jared Cunningham who proceeds to knock down 1 of 2 free throws. 84-82 with 20 seconds left. Wroten gets fouled driving to the basket. BRICKS THEM BOTH! AGAIN!!!

Cunningham puts them up 86-82. Romar finally puts the ball in Terrence Ross's hands. He gets fouled intentionally to avoid having him have the chance to make a 3; makes one and then intentionally misses the 2nd but OSU gets the board. OSU ends up winning 86-83.

Tony played a great game but he was so unbelievably unclutch it just reminds me how unprepared he is for the next level. His misses weren't even close either, he was so nervous. Absolutely heartbreaking and it shocked me that Romar let him have the ball again after the 1st two bricks.

Probably cost the team a chance at the tourney.

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That sucks TC. Did not get a chance to watch it (curse Canada, might not even get the Ducks tonight), but that is a bummer. I still think the Huskies have an at-large chance, they did after all win the Pac-12 regular season (though by 1 game over Cal and Oregon). I think Cal is the only "lock" from the Pac-12 at this point, but unless there is a surprise tournament winner, I could see 3 Pac-12 teams making it.

Your team is my definite deep rival and they hurt their chances, but I still would rather a Pac-12 team make it than some other team in a big conference that may not have even had a winning in conference record. This does not include the Big East, I think they do indeed have 10 teams that I would not mind making it. However, barely winning records or losing record teams in the SEC, Big 10 and Big 12, well, I probably like the Huskies over a bunch of them.

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what a shame. I really think

what a shame. I really think that if Washington gets in, they can beat alot of people. They lost on a buzzer beater to Marquette, and on late FTs to Duke earlier in the year so the team can clearly hang with the big dawgs. Now they are in serious trouble and better hope conference champs win their tourneys and there are minimal upsets.

Wroten is a beast, he was sensational that entire game, nobody can keep him out of the paint, he made some acrobatic shots, but my goodness...its a wide open stand still 15 foot shot. CMON man...Rick Barry that crap, fadeaway, turn around jumpshot, try a 15 foot baby hook, anything but whatever you are doing right now cuz 3 of the 4 were not even close. Terrence Ross intentionally missed a FT and it looked better.

He has a chance to be special, but he's really really raw skills wise

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Hm.. If i remember correctly

Hm.. If i remember correctly Derrick Rose couldn't hit his free throws when it really mattered when he was in college, championship vs kansas comes to mind.. It happens... I didn't get a chance to watch either, but what i've seen good things are to come from wroten. I hope Washington makes the tourney still..

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This team doesn't even have a

This team doesn't even have a shto at the tourney at all without Tony Wroten this year.

How can when they win it's never Wrotens fault but when they lose it's completely his fault. That's a little ridiculous. He was 1st Team All Pac 12 as a freshman for a reason and in my eyes should of gotten more votes for Pac 12 player of the year. I dunno how Romar was coach of the year at all.

But you're knocking an 18 year old because he can't hit 3 clutch foul shots? We all know he's a very bad foul shooter and he needs to work on that a lot lucky he's young enough to do it. I don't hear nobod talking about Andre Drummond and the fact he only shoots 30% from the line which is atrocious and half of his attemptes don't even come close to hitting the rim. But Drummond is the best player on UConn so it's not as a big a deal.

Not only is Wroten's Washington's best player as a freshman but he also has the most potential translating to the next level which is rare. Wroten was 10-19 in that game for 29 points. To come on on here and a trash an 18 year old for not hitting clutch free throws when he's the only reason the Huskies were in the game and we all know free throws is his achilles hear. He was 8-12 from the line before them 2 final trips to the stripe so he was being aggressive and getting calls and making OSU player rack up fouls. Imo opinion he played a great game and confirmed why he should be in lottery talks.

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all i can do now is pray.

all i can do now is pray. thank goodness northwestern, drexel and seton hall all lost!!

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Worten needs to stay another year and repsonse to Mr. 19134

That is a complete bummer for Wroten. This game definitely was lost because of the fact that Wroten was not clutch down the stretch. But give the kid a break, he's only 18, and we all knew coming into this game that free throw shooting and making outside shots in general is Wroten's achilles heel. If he takes the end of this game as a learning experience then he should be able to find that free throw shooting and outside shooting is something he definitely needs to work on.

Wroten is very good driver, a good defender, and a good passing two-guard. He plays a lot like Tyreke Evans. But Wroten has the potential to be like Brandon Roy (without the leg problems) All he needs to work on is his outside shooting and free throw shooting then he's got it as long as he keeps driving, passing, and defending well.

That being said I think Wroten needs to stay one more year at Washington. Outside shooting and free throw shooting are not something that can be learned in a day especially when he has to start from the ground up in those two areas. So he could use another year to develop those two skills, keep up on his former skills of driving, passing, and defending and there you go he'd be ready for the NBA.

Here's where I disagree with you, Mr 19134, Wroten is not the best player on the Washington squad...yet. He has the potential to be the best player on their squad but he is not there yet. Ross is a good outside shooter and a good free throw shooter. (Ross could have won this game for the Huskies if Coach Romar would have went to him earlier (like right after Wroten missed his first two freethrows)) He (Ross) is also a good rebounder and defender. The only thing Wroten is better at than Ross is passing, but Ross isn't too shabby at passing either. So right now, I'd say Ross is the best player on the Huskies squad, but Wroten has the potential to be the best if he works on those two things. As for the UCONN squad, Drummond isn't their best player either. Those honors would go to Jeremy Lamb. Drummond is not focused enough to be better because the offense is not built around him. Coach Calhoun does not know how to utilize a Center like Drummond well enough. He has quite a hog down low there, but until he figures out how to use him to UCONN 's advantage he will never be UCONN's best player. It indeed would have been better if Drummond stayed in high school for a fifth year and come out next year as was the original plan, or if he would have chosen a different school entirely. (But since he chose UCONN he had better stick with it, he can still learn a lot from Coach Calhoun.) This is not to say though that I think Drummond should stay at UCONN, it would probably would be better if he comes to the NBA in the upcoming draft, because hopefully he can continue to learn in a new system, one that is more geared toward his skill set. Drummond has a world of potential but that potential depends on both his focus and his coach's focus on developing him (whoever it ends up being, Coach Calhoun or an NBA coach).

As a general rule when assessing whether a player is the best player on his team's squad, you need to remember the system that that player is in. Lots of times a player's success depends on the system he is in.

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i would say wroten is

i would say wroten is washingtons best player. Also, he is a terrible ft shooter all the time, with 1 minute left or with 39 minutes left in the game. He needs to seriously spend some time at the foul line practicing. I mean his mechanics aren't that bad, but he is just so inconsistent and has no confidence there. Tough loss for UW, wouldnt be surprised if they dont make the tourney.

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That's called the Nick

That's called the Nick Anderson

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A similar thing happened to

A similar thing happened to Ryan Boatright against WVU, he missed three of four FTs down the stretch, but he was bailed out. The difference being that Wroten is known to be a poor FT shooter, and Boatright shooting 70%.

By the way, I agree completely with UnderKanter about the reason's for Drummond's struggles, you could tell against WVU that he was visibly frustrated about not getting more touches. At one point he had the perfect position inside for a catch and dunk but Napier hoisted up a shot (which he missed) instead. Same again late in the game against WVU when Napier stole the ball, both times Drummond was right there with him but instead of rewarding his big man for running the floor with an easy dunk he took a somewhat contested layup. I think the problem with UConn's PGs is that both of them have aspirations to play in the NBA, but are unsure of whether they'd get drafted so they are trying to outshine their teammates and get more attention to help their draft stock.

I think Wroten should just come out this year, he'll probably still be a lottery pick, and I've seen it happen that players will wait a year to improve, and the team which would have likely selected them finds another young player they are happy with, so their draft stock drops and they can't get minutes in the NBA even if they have improved. If there's a team which needs a player like Wroten selecting in the lottery then he should go for it.

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I thought romar learned his

I thought romar learned his lesson. You canNOT leave Wroten in the game in tight end game situations. Kid was nervous as f...

And no, Wroten is not UW's beat player. Terrence Ross is.

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He shoots 57% to begin

He shoots 57% to begin while this is still a choke, it's not like he was an 85% free throw shooter who you expected to make 4 of 4.

ps. D-Rose missed 1 of 2 free throws at the end of that championship game. I think Chris Douglas-Roberts was the guy who missed his last 3 free throws before that....and look how good he's been in the lea...oh, nevermind.

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A guard shooting 57% from the

A guard shooting 57% from the line is always a big red flag for me. Of all the guards in the NBA who have shot enough free throws to qualify for the stat list, he'd be ranked dead last. Throw in every guard, including those who are 1-2 or 2-4 on the season from the charity stripe, and he'd be 160th out of 174.

Dude needs at least on more year.

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