Tony Wroten vs Austin Rivers

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Tony Wroten vs Austin Rivers

Who do you think is better?

I say Austin Rivers but not by alot. Austin Rivers is quicker, higher basketball IQ, can score, can get in the lane better then anybody, great handles, can be a good passer when he want to be, and he is very clutch will hit big shots in big games. Can take over a game better then anybody in this draft class

Tony Wroten is a very good player can be one of the best players in this draft class. Tony Wroten can pass, get into the lane, great handles but he get little to fancy with his passes sometime, he cant shoot, cant hit his freethrows. Miss some big freethrows vs Oregon st that really cause them to miss the NCAA tournament

Both can be love hate guys. You can love them sometime with their abilies to take over games but they can shoot you out of games too

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I actually like both these

I actually like both these players a lot but I think Wroten will be the better pro. He's a much better passer and he is also taller. He really needs to improve his decision making but I think he is going to be one of the best players out of this draft. Plus he is as entertaining a player as I have seen come out in a while.

Rivers is a pure scorer who seems to be as clutch as they come. I just dont see him having the size to be an allstar SG or the passing abilities to be an allstar PG whereas I can see Wroten becoming an allstar at either position. I see Rivers as a Jason Terry type and a player who could average 20 ppg but just doesnt contribute enough in other areas. I think they will both be good pro's I just like Wrotens potential a little bit more.

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I think it's great for Wroten

I think it's great for Wroten that his stock has slightly fallen, what he needs is a good coach and good teammates to teach him discipline and how to play the game the right way. If he gets itno an organisation like Boston or San Antonio he would have a chance to be great.

If he comes into a franchise like the Bobcats or Sacramento his career might head the wrong way.

I think Wroten has just about most potential in this class (Davis and PJIII excluded), but Rivers is a safer bet

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I think Rivers is better

I think Rivers is better right now to a degree and he also will probably be the better player in the beginning of his career and maybe overall. The upside is with Wroten though. If Wroten's game develops and refines, he should be the better player. In other words, because they are both the same age, I would pick Wroten and hope his upside develops.

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"Better" is kind of broad,

"Better" is kind of broad, but in terms of NBA prospects I'd take Wroten. I think its clear Rivers is a scoring guard, and he can definitely score against NBA players. However, I think Wroten is more of a natural Point, and think he'll be a better Point Guard than River's will be a two guard.

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rivers > wroten

i think you are comparing two guys that don't play the same position. i think tony wroten is more of a pg and rivers is no doubt a sg. wroten needs to improve his 3pt shooting to be a factor in the nba. it was horrid. unless he can pull a tony parker or dwayne wade, the defense is going to make him shoot the ball. austin rivers, in my opinion, has an nba ready offensive game. he can shoot and get to the rim and draw fouls. i think right now rivers is a better prospect than wroten, but if wroten can develop a reliable jumper, boy watch out.

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Wroten !!!!!!

Wroten is taller longer bigger stronger faster better passer by a mile better rebounder better defender he can handle as well as Rivers might even better than him can score too, only can't shoot..

overall say what you what but WROTEN by a mile for me

tell me what you rather have PG in shooting guard's body or a SG in point's body

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Wroten over Rivers even on a

Wroten over Rivers even on a blind day.

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Plain and simple austin

Plain and simple austin rivers should of gone to kenntucky.

Right now i'd say rivers is the better player because of his big moments in big games

Wroten in my opinion will be a better pro because of his size and passing ability. I would of loved for him to stay in school along with terrence ross and dominate.

udub has had some players and recurts back fire on them makes you think how good they could of been.

terrence jones and enes kanter decommitting


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I'm not that high on either,

I'm not that high on either, but I think Austin Rivers can at least become a Lou Williams-type 6th man. I see a lot of Terrence Williams in Wroten. That tells you all you need top know about what I think of him.

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Austin is better.

A lot better. I think Wroten will struggle at PG in the L and needs to shoot it better. Rivers J makes him effective at both, so more useful. Based on NBA I am starting to see something amazing. Rivers is underrated! Offenively Wroten reminds me of Tony Allen with a little less D.

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Rivers is the better scorer

Rivers is the better scorer and has more potential with his scoring than Wroten. Wroten is a gifted, flashy passer with size, handles and athleticism, but he doesn't have the IQ to play winning basketball. Rivers could eb a guy who is a little too selfish to win as a star player, but I do think he's smart enough and willing enough to be a strong offensive player on a good team in time. I have a hard time seeing that with Wroten, given that he didn't win with UW despite having a loaded team, and he really is a raw player. Can't shoot and tries to force plays looking for the home run. Wroten will get more polished Im sure, but I dont think he'll quite have the right approach to being a winner if he's put in a starring role.

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I Love them both

I love both Rivers and Wroten.

But Wroten needs to be drafted by the Spurs, so they can help unlock his potential and learn their winning ways.

I want Rivers to get drafted by the Magics (doubt it'll happen un less they make a trade for him). He's a great 3 point shooter and they are in desperate need of a perimeter player who can create his own shot at will.

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well pappas is better than

well pappas is better than both ( JK ) lol... i miss euroballer

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I agree with Anton. Plus you

I agree with Anton.

Plus you could make the argument that Wroten has the highest upside in the entire draft class (yes, over Davis and PJ3).

Wroten could measure in at 6'7 in loafers, and when you look at his bounce and passing ability, if he's able to improve his decision-making and tempo, and stick at the point, then his potential is truly legendary.

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