Tony Wroten records first career Triple-Double

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Tony Wroten records first career Triple-Double

18 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds in his first career start.

I'll never forget about when I got negged for saying he will be a lot better than Kendall Marshall. Look at where they are now, Wroten's getting great quality minutes on a bad team but he's still doing pretty good and Marshall still hasn't been picked up nearly a month after getting waived. Been following him since his high school days, was a MDAA snub due to his injury and was named the PAC-12 Freshmen of the Year. Left after his freshmen year after which was believed to have money to support his family. Didn't get much playing time in Memphis last year. After getting dealt for only a second round pick, Philly got something a lot lore valuable then that pick in exchange.

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MCW didn't play so I'm

MCW didn't play so I'm curious if he's really worth picking up in fantasy. I'll personally never forget when he missed 3 out of 4 free throws that would have iced the game against Oregon State in Pac-12 tourney, UW lost game and ended up in NIT because of it. I've always like Wrotens game and glad to see him doing well but since we're taking a stroll down memory lane I'll add my two cents

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Came here to say the same

Came here to say the same thing. I'm glad he's actually getting PT this year. He still has a long ways to go but at least he is contributing.

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Before the Draft, I had

Before the Draft, I had Cleveland taking him with one if their later 1st round picks. I felt he could make the transition to sg and compliment Irving well. I was negged a lot, but I think Wroten> Waiter considering where they were picked and who Cleveland passed on for him, ie Barnes.

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Good for Wroten! I like that

Good for Wroten! I like that guy. He can play. The Grizzlies are really missing him.

This Sixers team is rolling right now.

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As it can be seen, I had

As it can be seen, I had going #10 overall in my mock based off his talent. I'm starting to look not as crazy for that one. I saw him in person at UDUB and he was just dynamic. I knew if he got the minutes, he could show his worth. Really happy to see this development occurring.

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Go Sixers

How do you not root for a team chock full of guys who were given away or told they don't belong. James Anderson for 36 after being waived. Wroten - the Sixers basically got paid to take him off of Memphis's hands and he's been rock solid. Daniel Orton - no-one wants him but he has a place here. Evan Turner - the worst 2nd pick ever ? Spencer Hawes a terrible bust. All these guys are getting a chance to rewrite their own histories - and good for them !

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