Tonight's NCAA Dunk and 3-point contest participants

Akeem Richmond – East Carolina (Had nine threes in one game at Moody Coliseum a year ago)

Travis Bader – Oakland (NCAA’s all-time leader in 3-point field goals made)

Andre Dawkins – Duke (231 threes made in a 4-year career)

Luke Hancock – Louisville (Made 37.2 percent of his threes in two years at Louisville)

Marshall Henderson – Ole Miss -

Ethan Wragge – Creighton (A total of 110 threes this season. The big man only had one game where he didn’t make a three)


Cory Jefferson - Baylor

Michael Craig – Southern Miss

Cleanthony Early – Wichita State

Chase Fieler – Florida Gulf Coast

Walt Lemon Jr – Bradley

Adreian Payne -Michigan State

Ronald Roberts Jr. – Saint Joseph’s

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Interesting to see a bunch of

Interesting to see a bunch of big men in the dunk contest...

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Michael Qualls should've been

Michael Qualls should've been in the dunk contest.

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NCAA contests are all Seniors

Otherwise, sure. Only Seniors, though.

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Who would you put in it

Who would you put in it Taylor?

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They should dona tournament

They should dona tournament lol. Have the Freshman, Sophmore, Juniors and Seniors each have their own contest then the winners of each and one fan favourite for each to keep it interactive which generates fan interest and money. That would be dope.

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No Dougie.

I was surprised no Dougie Fresh. Fits all the requirements, great shooter and a senior.

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My heart goes out to Chase

My heart goes out to Chase Fieler that routine would have been great...if he hit the dunk. Must have been the lowest score I've ever seen in a dunk contest.

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Markel Brown

Damn, was hoping Markel Brown would do it.

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I was impressed with Payne's athleticism... he is going to be a very solid player in the league.

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I don't think anyone knew

I don't think anyone knew Adreian Payne had that kind of athletic ability. His dunks were sick. I thought his third one was really underrated.

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Dude the kid from Oakland can

Dude the kid from Oakland can shoot. 6'5" good lift and great form. He's gonna get looks from teams this summer and in camp and preseason.

Payne, knew I was athletic but WOW! He has some serious lift, flexibility and hang time. Think he could be really undervalued because he played 4 years but you have to say to yourself that he got better every year and He could do that in the league. I wouldn't be mad if he was drafted 10 or so. Think the sixers pick via pelicans could be a good spot for him. Good kid and an older leader. Good fit too.

Not a bad night. Not the most spectacular one we've had but a good night overall.

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