Tonight's Lock for Sports Center Top 10!

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Tonight's Lock for Sports Center Top 10!

Seems like a lot of crazy buzzer beaters have been happening these past few weeks. Here's another sick one that happened today from New Rochelle vs. Mount Vernon (Ben Gordon's high school). Definitely a lock for SC's Top 10 for tonight.

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Holy Mackerel! It really

Holy Mackerel! It really didn't look like he got it off at full speed but he did.

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Guy that lobed the ball up before that buzzer beater would be kicked off the team asap.

Great shot none the less.

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Keep playing until the horn sounds...The game was over, but that kid kept playing and didn't give up on his team. Amazing shot, but what does it feel like to be the guy that just gave a game away with a careless turnover? I remember Webber's no timeout timeout, but to give your opponent one more chance when all you have to do is hold the ball or dribble it out or even throw it 40 feet in the air...I couldn't imagine being the coach or a teammate on the losing team. What do you say? I know I'm not saying it's ok, or it's not your fault.

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This reminds me of that

This reminds me of that Morris Peterson buzzer beater for the Raptors years ago!

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great shot amazing! but it

great shot amazing! but it kinda looks like he didnt get it off in time. i dont know maybe im just seeing it wrong

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Damn! Did anybody see the ref

Damn! Did anybody see the ref get punched in the head lol?

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