Tonight First ten picks

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Tonight First ten picks

Tonight First ten picks IMO :

1 Noel
2 McLemore
3 Bennett
4 C Zeller
5 Oladipo
6 Burke
7 A.Len
8 Shab Muhammad
9 Porter
10 S.Adams

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That guy is sinking like a rock. I see him in the late teens. If this plays out this way, there could be some serious movement by the Bulls or Wolves to move up to get Oladipo.

I love draft day.

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I just can't see Otto Porter

I just can't see Otto Porter slipping

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Detroit doesn't let top

Detroit doesn't let top talent slip. If Porter Mclemore Oladipo Bennet and maybe even Burke fall, then they don't fall past Detroit. The only one I'm not sure about this year is Burke. I still think the Pistons take him if he's there and the other top 6 are gone.

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im betting they still take

im betting they still take burke if he is there, he's a beast on the pick and roll, and just imagine him developing with drummond.

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