Toney Douglas

Im a HUGE fan of Toney Douglas, that kid can ball
His defense will help alot, he can shutdown alot of PGs in this league, already...

Any idea of how much this guy will play?
Once the season starts, i hope D'Antoni doesnt make him a "DNP" guy
This guy needs to get in the mix right away...
Give him 25 minutes per, and hes a contender for ROY (i said contender..)
IDK, maybe im too high on him, but hes gonna be goood

Anyway, What do you guys think are the chances D'Antoni plays him, at all?

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I agree he has loads of

I agree he has loads of talent. The question is if he can run the point. That will be the key to his minutes.

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he has talent but 25mpg for

he has talent but 25mpg for him would be a miracle i think!

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