Tomas Satoransky highlights

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Tomas Satoransky highlights

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You can see why somebody

You can see why somebody would be exited by him - nowadays it's hard to find a 6'2 guy that is willing to pass the ball but here you have a 6'7 dude that is a playmaker. With that he is also a quick and very athletic guy so he will have no problem running in transition and finishing if needed.

I don't know when he comes over to the NBA, but I'd be excited if I was a Wizards fan - he can fit in very well with the Wizard's second unit as it has no playmaker but Jordan Crawford who doesn't seem to like to pass the ball. With Vesely, Crawford and Satoransky the team must be able to outrun most benches.

I really hope this guy succeeds

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This is the longest highlight

This is the longest highlight reel I've seen on the guy. Guys on the Wizards blog are still destroying our GM for this pick. Not sure what to think of him. I'm willing to let him develop more in Europe and come over before i bash the pick. All scouting reports I've read say he's a 6' 7" PG/SG that isn't a good shooter but is a good playmaker but is playing garbage time so his stats don't give you a good to much to go on.

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Doesnt play like "typical" euro player

He seems to have more of an nba type game. He looks athletic and has a good frame. Alot of the more athletic players from europe are still really thin and not built for the NBA. I like his chances if he can get his shot right. I think Chad Ford said that Washington reached.... I disagree.

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