Tom Thibodeau coach of the year

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Tom Thibodeau coach of the year

Out of him and Doug Collins I really wanted Collins to win it because he brought back the 76ers from like a 3-13 start to the season. They were not even supposed to make the playoffs, but they did and also won a game in the playoffs. The bulls had a good team but he had them finish in first place so that does say a lot. They are both very deserving of the award.

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Thibs deserved it.

Thibs deserved it though. I mean one year in as coach. And considering that before this the Bulls were like 7th or 8th place in the east, and barely made it to the playoffs. Then Thibs got them to first in the east and best overall record and now one of the favorites to advance to the Finals! All this in one year. WOW. And not to mention he helped a future MVP on that team reach his goal. C'mon we all know it even though it hasn't been announced yet... Derrick Rose. Also well deserved.

Second place was probably Collins, he too did a phenomenal job, and 3rd I'm guessing was Lionel Hollins of the Grizzlies.

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Love Thibs

He did an amazing job with the Bulls this year. My only issue with him is that he plays his key players, heavy minutes and seemed to keep guys (Rose) in longer than he needed to. I know he is a hard charging no nonsene type coach but hope that 1) he does not burn out and 2) the players eventually turn a deaf ear to him (ala Scott Skiles). Having said that, his guys are prepared to play every night.

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