Today's NBA Players' 80's-90's Counterparts (SF Edition)

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Today's NBA Players' 80's-90's Counterparts (SF Edition)

2 positions down, 3 to go! Find counterparts for today's Small Forwards from the 80's-90's. If you feel the list is long, pick five players:

Lebron James -

Kevin Durant -

Carmelo Anthony -

Rudy Gay -

Loul Deng -

Danny Granger -

Jared Dudley -

Richard Jefferson -

Nicolas Batum -

Ron Artest -

Marvin Williams -

Dorell Wright -

Wilson Chandler -

Danillo Gallinari -

Michael Beasley -

Tayshaun Prince -

CJ Miles -

Gerald Wallace -

Paul Pierce -

Shane Battier -

Omri Casspi -

Hedo Turkoglu -

Trevor Ariza -

Shawn Marion -

Travis Outlaw -

Austin Daye -

Wesley Johnson -

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interesting challenge

Interesting challenge! I will see what I can do. I didn't get them all but I got a few.

Lebron James - Charles Barkley. An oversized 3 with a power game. Unique blend of size, strength and speed. Not a fantastic 3 point shooter, but can handle the ball and pass. Fills up stat sheets but has yet to win a ring.

Kevin Durant - George Gervin, but more of a 70's guy. Also, his offensive game might be close to what Alex English's game was like. As a lanky, athletic scorer he can also be compared to MJ and T-Mac.

Carmelo Anthony - 80's: Bernard King. 90's: A rich man's Glenn Robinson. Great scorer, good mid-range game and a very good first option on offense. Decent on the boards but nothing spectacular.

Rudy Gay - Dominique Wilkins as far as dunking and athletcism goes. A very good scorer, maybe not quite as good as Nique. Like Nique takes some bad shots and can sometimes be indifferent on defense/rebounding. Not known for passing and a decent 3 point shooter.

Loul Deng - Danny Manning. Good all-around player, and can score 17-18 points per game. He can do a lot of things but he is not a superstar and more of a 2nd or 3rd option than a go-to guy.

Danny Granger - I tried to think of a decently athletic 3 who could score 20 points a game and was a borderline all-star (who made a couple of all-star rosters). The first good comparison I could think of was Sean Elliott. 20 points a night, a few rebounds, a solid player, not a superstar but a good second or third option.

Jared Dudley - Looks like a solid scorer who can hit some outside shots and can fill it up around the basket. He can also give you some rebounds. If I had to compare him to another small forward on the Suns in the early Nineties who also was sort of a sleeper guy I would compare him to Cedric Ceballos.

Richard Jefferson -

Nicolas Batum - Tall, long, very long. Can score and rebound both as a starter or off the bench. All those things plus his ability to hit the 3 and handle the ball makes me want to compare him to Toni Kukoc. Lots of talent and promise like Kukoc had coming into the league, but will he live up to his potential?

Ron Artest - I would compare a PRIME Ron Artest to Charles Barkley if Sir Charles was a lockdown defender. Now, Ron Artest plays passable defense and is pesky, smart, and tough but now he is nothing more than a solid role player. He can give you 8-10 points and a few rebounds but he sometimes can't hit the broad side of a barn. Kinda also describes Vincent Askew on those mid-90's Sonics teams.

Michael Beasley - Talented small forward who doesn't always show up and has yet to fully live up to the hype: Billy Owens.

Paul Pierce - If I had to compare an older, veteran Paul Pierce to a guy who played in the 80's and 90's and who's last name was Pierce I would have to go with an older, veteran version of Ricky Pierce.

Shane Battier - Old Battier = what I would think an old Michael Cooper would be like. Solid defender still but doesn't live up to the hype anymore. Smart player who is a good teammate. Has lost a step or two but can hit the occasional 3 and play the occasional pesky defense. More of an intangibles guy who has never really filled up a stat sheet.

Hedo Turkoglu - Danny Ferry. Has range and is around 6'10. Decent 3 point stroke and can grab a few rebounds. Can have some good scoring games but a lot of times he doesn't do much.

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