Tobias Harris a Top 10 Pick

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Tobias Harris a Top 10 Pick

Yep I think Harris should be a top 10 pick. On draft night he will get picked in the top 15. No doubt in my mind.

He has deep range that people haven't seen yet. I've seen him in warm ups before games shooting well beyond the nba 3 point line & making it look effortless... hitting nothing but nets.

With him being only 18 years old & the skills he has I think his upside is as high as just about anybody in this draft.

I like his age, size, skill set, potential, plus he has a great head on his shoulders. High IQ, solid passer & rebounder, great shooter for his size. Pretty good defender.

Harris can make positive contributions to a team in wide variety of ways.

All comes down to how hard he is going to work on his game to continue develop his skills. Personally I think this guy has the right attitude & motivation to be a very good player in the NBA in time.

If I was a GM I would take Harris over Leonard, Faried, Hamilton, Honeycutt, Singleton, the Morris twins & Thompson. I like a lot of those players too, just like Harris a little better.

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First off, welcome back

First off, welcome back Gatorheels. Good to see a old poster coming back.

Also, I'm beginning to see what your saying. I always like Harris as a backup combo forward, maybe Indiana could be a team who can consider him.

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What's going on sir! I don't

What's going on sir!

I don't know about Harris going top 10, but he is a solid player. He's not great at anything at all, and he's a tweener, but he could be a solid player. He's pretty mature for a guy who's 18. He might even be able to contribute some nice production as a rookie for a team. I have Harris going 22 to Denver though

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What position do you see him

What position do you see him excelling at?

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If Jazz don't pick Williams

If Jazz don't pick Williams with there first pick I think they would consider him at 12th.

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I am not high on Tobias

I am not high on Tobias either but I figure he should got late teensto mid 20's

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I hope the Rockets would take

I hope the Rockets would take him. He can be starting over Chase Budinger. He works hard and hustle should be able to develop into a solid role player playing defense and hitting open shots.

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