T.J. Warren Returning to N.C. State

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T.J. Warren Returning to N.C. State

Warren's dad says he's returning next season. "He'll be able to show what he can do."

Looks like he thinks that T.J. can boost his draft stock by playing another year. I think it's a good move.

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This is a smart move for T.J. I think that he can have a break out season next year. Rodney Purvis is transferring. With Seniors Wood and Howell leaving and Brown and Leslie going pro that leaves room for someone to take over. I think that Warren would be the man and go to guy on that team.

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How do you feel about

His position in the NBA? I mean what will he play small forward or stretch 4? I don't think he's quick enough to play SF and he's a bit short for PF. He's kind of in a Anthony Bennett type of situation except Bennett is a better athlete

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should be interesting

he definately will put up nmbers as thats his thing but I wondering what sort of percentages hell shoot as a focal point. Hes a 3 to me. His instincts to score remind me of Glenn Robinson I. Really wanna see what he does next year.

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