TJ Warren

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TJ Warren

So I really like this guy he impresses me immensely and I think he can be a great scorer.

What really impresses me is how well he scores the ball without a decent 3-point shot. If he develops that he could be a very good scorer on a good team. I keep thinking Paul Pierce when I see him play, but a later version. Still capable of putting up 17-19ppg if given a chance.

How good do you guys think he can be?

I feel he and McDermott are under-rated as they don't possess great athleticism.

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I think a prime TJ Warren can put up 17ppg 7rpg, but I think sky's the limit for mcbuckets. McDermott i can see developing into a consistant 19+ ppg player for 5+ years

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I love TJ Warren as a scorer

I love TJ Warren as a scorer but am not willing to make any predictions based off his summer league numbers. Just not the same competition he will face in the winter

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I've enjoyed watching him,

I've enjoyed watching him, this summer. I only caught him 4 or 5 times last season in the NCAA. He kind of reminds me of another Sun, Cedric Ceballos. I think he's going to have success scoring in the NBA.

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Warren has this offensive feel for the game you can't teach. He never rushes and knows how to attack soft spots in defenses with these one and two dribble quick mid range pull ups and floaters. If he ever gets to being an above average 3pt shooter... Watch out! As someone else already said. I feel a good facilitating PG can make him seem even better than he is.

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As a freshman at NC State

As a freshman at NC State warren weighed 240+ and was exclusively a power forward. After the season he said he was going to drop weight to become more athletic and play more on the perimeter. The next season he played at 220 and averaged 20 ppg by being one of the most versatile/lethal scorers in the country. I like the fact that he made a goal and diligently achieved it. I believe that bodes well for him as a prospect. Watching him play in the summer league, he's looked really good, scoring in every way. If there were one player from this draft class that doesnt have 3pt range now, but will develop one, it's TJ Warren. Not only for the afore mentioned work ethic. He is so skilled as a scorer and has so much touch on his floaters and flicks etc. that it's kind of puzzling that he doesn't have deep range. I really like him offensively as is and that could be subject to positive change. I think that warrens chances of starting over (or being ahead of in the rotation) recently re-signed PJ Tucker will be contingent on warrens defense and rebounding

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Very nice summary,

Very nice summary, appreciated this thanks! Personally I'm not too much into NCAA basketball and didn't know he played PF as a freshman. But when I saw some scouting videos and saw him in the combine 3 in 3s I immediately thought he has some power forward game in his arsenal. I still think he is not the fastest, quickest or most aggressive guy on the court but like said above he finds his spots and operates very well in the flow of the game.

Will be very interesting to see if he finds his rotation minutes early but defense might be the knock on him earning minutes when the Suns keep on going for postseason appearances.

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