Tips: some people say that love is always true

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Tips: some people say that love is always true

Tips: some people say that love is always true, but later become false. Some people say love is a book, just different people in different paper covered with writing. People need to understand and tolerate promote goodness to cognize the world make the text into your heart! Creativity is issued as synchronous Hai Qing blog Chinese 20 new window culture blog. There is a song sometimes in the heart occasionally think of, there is a man who always stay in the memories of love, sometimes very simple, sometimes very complex. Men like to recall not because of age, but because love thought, one day I met, romantic encounters. One day he accidentaly across, the love light. But one day I break up again, strangers. Finally it was only for a kind of tears. Love is not the only nor exchange solemn vows and pledges, reproduction of the whispers of love, love is only a person's mind to crash into another heart, feel so simple but complicated, in fact, love is an eternal, can't give her love to her quiet, those stories in life may be just a a spark of love. Some people can understand others, but cannot read oneself. Sometimes to others give advice and suggestions, when his face is full of melancholy, silent. Perhaps this is the love always say the reason for this is not clear. Men love of beauty, when all is facing the choice of the time, perhaps only the sad for that one of her, a little selfish a little reluctantly. The youth cannot do without shining tears, because touches the heart love imprint is engraved on my heart. Love is sometimes of unwillingness, sometimes gone with the wind. Love does not need to express, because a look might have enough. Although sometimes dust and air, but there is love there is hope! The surging river and the absence of the sea seemed to hear there are still people who cry, who is a sister tears still fly? The metropolis emotion said also said not clearly, I love the people and I love people suddenly become so blurred. Some girls found in the eyes of the good man, some men choose the dreams in sister, but the time of precipitation is a true test, perhaps good man in the dark crying, perhaps good sister in the quiet tears. There are a lot of Andersen's fairy tales in this world, there are too many one thousand one night, but never thought he was arrogant princess and also do not think of themselves as Prince Charming and Diamond Bachelor, maybe just like Xi Yangyang and grey wolf cute, love is equal to each other, love need more understanding and tolerance, some confusion among them, because not understand why it is a beat all ending, maybe this is life, romantic love story needs to pay a price sometimes, secretly tears is perhaps one of the best way to release. Romance is just a memory, reality of the good life is the true meaning of life, perhaps a lot of people are still looking forward to a dream like the future, perhaps in the not far place one day your tears will be flying, cold winter without cold feeling is because the heart is warm, because you feel a kind of loving care?

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